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November 29, 2011 / adgerellis


BLACK ATHENA : REVISITED, edited by Mary R. Lefkowitz and Guy MacLean Rogers. Published by The University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill & London year 1996.

<<…The Lost Empire of Atlantis, written by Gavin Menzies, published by Harper Collins 2011, is “right on !”  As as far as I am concerned. Generally, I agree with Martin Bernal’s theory that African culture and ideas had a very strong influence on ancient Egypt and Greece. Defence of Martin Bernal’s Afro-centric theory will take me to far “off-topic,” a digression that there is not time or space.  For more information go to the following website if you are interested…<  The only caveat is, after Alexander the Great,  Alexander influences Greek culture more from Europe, in spite of his Asian Hellenistic exploits. I know, that is counter-historical.

The point of this post, if I ever get to fulfill the point is nothing really new.  Just the idea, that the volcanic explosion on the island of Thera, now called Santorini made the Jewish religion and by unintended consequences Christianity. This leads me into my big complaint against Christian fundamentalist, and especial Christian fundamentalist who still tell, or imply that their “Holy Book,” is the oldest book in the world. Many fundamentalist have a shamefully ignorant understand of history, full of anachronism, miss placed historical events, and especially projections of contemporary, or if you will, “modern” feeling and “modern” culture onto ancient history and people. That all makes for a ridiculous understanding even of their own religion. All this would be laughable if they were not so vociferous in their exposition of ignorance. Yes! Yes! There is alway room for disagreement on matters of faith, even in the same religion. However, as my grandmother would alway say to end a useless impasse, “and the Moon is made of Blue Cheese!” End of argument! That is why there are pictures of satyrs at the beginning of this post. They are not pictures of the “Devil.” they are representations of nature. An anthropomorphic nature spirit! Procreation of  both human and animal babies were very important to ancient people. They would anthropomorphize nature in statures, icons and ritual, for this post,”By Zeus!” This shows how far contemporary society is from ancient thought. Reduces your stress and “chill-out!” Relax, be calm, -a summer hill-side, a little stream of water falling over some rocks and a satyr hiding in  the flowers, (or maybe just a “horny young man”  looking for something in the bushes,) whispering, whispering something just beyond understanding… v=0Wv3Ya9nskA ( Oh, yeah! The red poppies. The bright red poppies. The juice of bright red poppies in the wine. You could see almost anything that you wanted to see in ancient times.) There is the “God-Pan,” hiding behind the trees. A satyr among the poppies. A question,  Christian. Did Jesus know the juice of the poppies?

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