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November 30, 2011 / adgerellis


JESUS THE MAGICIAN, book by Morton Smith, Ph.D., The Hebrew University; Th.D., Harvard; Professor of History, Columbia University. Published by Harper & Row in the year 1978. The following book review will begin with a short quote from Morton Smith’s book, JESUS THE MAGICIAN…”Whatever their historicity, these miracles are all  familiar feats of the magician repertory. Apollonius, like Jesus, was famous for his attraction of followers. Love charms promise to make the beloved, or anyone whom the magician may touch, follow him everywhere. That the men whom Jesus later speaks of as followers who have “left home or brothers or sisters or mothers or fathers or children or lands for my sake.” Such conversation is promised by love spells: “Let her forget father and mother, brother, husband, friend; let her forget all of these, except only me” -whom of course she is to follow, as Jesus was followed about by his male disciples and by a company of women from many of whom he had “cast out demons.” The Pied Piper is a legendary example of a similar power.” However, where would a person get such power over other people? One of the circumstantial reasons that Jesus might be of Egyptian ancestry, and this is just an aside, is that within the last twenty years scientist have found that the Egyptian blue water-lily might have psychedelic properties…   If this is true, in all the long history of Europeans  being in Egypt, we just recently find out a secret plant, the blue water-lily …  has  “magical psychedelic”  properties. Yes! The blue water-lily was known to Europeans as a flower.   Seen in ancient Egyptian paintings and statues. But, the Egyptians either on purpose, or because the flower’s psycho-active nature was so well-known to ancient people, never explained how the blue flower could be used. Maybe, it was a religious or social tabu to put in writing what plants had psycho-active properties. Also, it could be that the documents explaining the blue lily’s secret just got lost in history. And, you answer this question reader, “Is it just by coincidences that the blue water-lily is used in ancient “love potions” without explanation?” See video, Sacred Weeds: Blue Water Lily/ Ancient Egypt


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