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December 1, 2011 / adgerellis


HOMO-EROTIC IS NOT THE SAME AS HOMOSEXUAL. “HOMO-EROTIC” is an appeal in words, pictures or gestures to same gender interest.  American advertising, and government propaganda appeals to same gender interest. SOCIAL TABOO on HOMO-EROTICISM is so strong in the United State that there is a “social blind spot” in American society. To even talk or mention that advertising and government propaganda calls for same gender activity in the economy and  government is a social blunder.  Yes!  Yes, now-a-days there is a lot of equal gender activity in the military, sports, and society. And, as police and social workers know, there are same gender gangs. Not only young men, but sad to say, young women running the streets “Wilding” and “Flash Mobs.” Think, what kind of mothers and fathers will these young kids make?  Nevertheless, a lot of that is “social pretense” at equality. A show at equality, a sham, and hypocrisy that puts a serious taboo, or restraint on real sexual equality. The basis of that hypocrisy, taboo and restraint is a conscious, or maybe, a subconscious “homo-eroticism.” Christian I am NOT, so I feel no shame in typing this!

Christian I am not, without denying the person, or human called Jesus. Jesus to me, was a human who was a teacher, rabbi, wise man, prophet and esoteric magician. He lived approximately two thousand years ago. Every thing about Jesus is an approximation, including his birth, death and teaching. Nothing can be certain about anybody who lived two thousand years ago. History is just to uncertain, fickle and chaotic to claim anything that happened so long ago as fact. And, this goes with the false certainty that fundamentalist of all religions have about the nature of “god.” Now, since I was brought up with a Christian background I believe I know something of the Christians’ claim to exclusivity describe the “true nature of god.” The Christian “Holy Book” is just plain silly about how the “true god” acts and “thinks.” Nothing in this post about the nature of god is original with me. I had a Muslim laugh at me because the first book in the Bible says that “God” walked, talked, had arms and legs just like a human. Now, go to the book of Genesis, Christian, and see if god does not have human like arms and legs, and even talks and has emotions just like a human. What kind of “god” has arms and legs, and shows emotions just like a human? Now, now, don’t “beg-the-question.”   -Confess-up!   Christian,  does your god have arms and legs, and thinks and reasons as described in the book of Genesis? I am not trying to trap you, or show how clever I am. That is a serious question. As I understand Islam, “Allah,” is an abstract idea and is so far beyond human understanding that it is near blasphemy to describe or give arms and legs to any “True God.” Not only do most Christian freely describe god as if “IT” were human, but they give a male gender, a male emotional “mind-set” and  attributes with hands, arms and legs. No wonder Christian fundamentalist are afraid of sexual activity outside of marriage. They are subconsciously afraid of “god-rape,”….< both male and female. Now, tell me what virgin had the son of god, not by her legitimate husband, Joseph? Please understand, I am dead serious in this inquiry. I am not mocking or making fun of anybody’s belief. -And,  I am NOT Muslim. This following is for your amusement and entertainment, and not for a slow learn, a putti, cupid, or cherub;  laugh its funny…<<

The point of this post is, “HOMO-EROTICISM.”  Now, does a grown man get down of his knees and say to another man, “I love you! -Oh, I worship you. I believe everything that you say.” And yet, this is exactly what grown men say and do about Jesus. Yes. “He,” is supposed to be a god, nevertheless, he is a “male god.” What does two thousand years of men giving their undying love, submission, and following another man do to their self-respect and gender identity? What does that do to the way people think and act to commercial advertising, and in close relationships like the military,  -sports or in a private school?  You answer that question for yourself. I have my answer. Bye-the-bye, that also goes for women who worship the virgin, maybe, Isis, maybe another female by another name.  But then, as some “Holy Books” say, women don’t count for much (, he types sarcastically).

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