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December 2, 2011 / adgerellis



The Pre-Zoroastrian Indo-Iranian Mithra

Our Journey begins in the southern Steppes of Ukraine roughly 2000 B.C.E., …. as it is one of the earliest recordings concerning the god Mithra, and it clearly     approximately   400 YEARS BEFORE CURRENT ERA,…


 After the Persian conquest of Assyria and Babylonia by the 6th century BCE, Mithra became the god of the sun. The Greeks of Asia Minor, identified Mithra

The Pre-Zoroastrian Indo-Iranian Mithra

 Our Journey begins in the southern Steppes of Ukraine roughly 2000 B.C.E., …. as it is one of the earliest recordings concerning the god Mithra, and it clearly

Origins of Hindu Scriptures

   KRISHNA  approximately 400 to  200 years Before the Current Era…

 In the Bhagavad-Gita (400-200 B.C.E.) Krishna is identified with the Purusha, the first human sacrificed for the creation of the world. This creation hymn is found
ATTIS: Attis wearing the Phrygian cap. Terracotta thymiaterion from Tarsus, 1st or 2nd century BC, Louvre  dancing for joy  around 100 years Before the Current Era…   An Attis cult began around 1200 BCE in Dindymon (today’s Murat Dağı of Gediz, Kütahya). . . That is around 1,200 years Before the Current Era !

Attis – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 An Attis cult began around 1200 BCE in Dindymon (today’s Murat Dağı of Gediz, Kütahya). He was originally a local semi-deity of Phrygia, associated with the
Now, that we have met some ancient god, we will soon met Santa Claws and Father Christmas. Ha! Ha!, He! He!……...They will brining us all kinds of good stuff, all for free!!!  JUST LIKE ON “THAT GREAT COME AND GET DAY”….
What this country needs is a “National Work Force!” Most people on welfare are just, not right! Why do some people not want to work? There must be a deep psychological reason, and it is not that they are just plain lazy. Being lazy is no explanation. Please, don’t beg-the-question, or use circular-reasoning. They are lazy because they don’t want to work, is the same as saying they don’t want to work because they are lazy. That is silly circular-reasoning. All that you are doing is going around in a circle. No! Scientifically they are lazy, or don’t want to work for some mental problem, or some bad emotional feeling that stops then from wanting to work, or even an unknown medical problem… That is much like saying because I’m boss, I deserve to be paid good.  Now, “shut-up slaves. Stop whining. Get to work!” And, then somebody goes crazy, gets sick and dies. Ha-Ha-Ho-Ho-He-He. Vandalism and all the Passive–Aggressive Behavior acting-out. Oh, foolish people is that what you want?

Federal Reserve, banks kept huge size of bailout secret, records

 3 days ago – The Federal Reserve and the big banks fought for more than two years to keep details of the largest bailout in U.S. history a secret. Now the rest

Have You Heard About The $16T Bailout The Federal Reserve

 14 hours ago – Have You Heard About The $16T Bailout The Federal Reserve Handed To The Too Big To Fail Banks? The Economic Collapse   | 12/01/2011…
So, the argument goes that the Stimulus Package of President Obama has not help the economy creat many new jobs.  Did Reaganomics supply-side economy create many new jobs, and at what cost? “Trickle-down” from the rich to the poor did not work either!

RealClearPolitics – Election Other – Congressional Job Approval

 420+ items – Generic Congressional Ballot · All Latest Election 2012 Polls

RCP Average11/3 – 11/1512.381.7FOX News11/13 – 11/151280

Congress ratings plunge in poll –

 Jul 16, 2008 – Congressional job approval ratings have sunk to their lowest point in three decades, according to the latest Gallup Poll…
NOW, THINK ON THIS, our post is POSTICTAL PSYCHOSIS AMERICA…The Federal Reserve’s ‘breathtaking’ $7.7 trillion bank bailout..

Psychosis |

 Postictal psychosis has been estimated to affect between 6% and 10% of people with epilepsy. It involves psychiatric symptoms that occur within 7 days (usually  Anthropomorphically, as a metaphor, just as a “thought-experiment,” lets say that the economy and money supply is the life blood of a nation. That when there is a down-turn in the economy as in “slow-down,” recession or depression, the collective whole of supply demand and the banking system, (now remember this is a polemic,) goes into convulsion in people’s lives, business and banking. These episodic seizures are a lot, metaphorically, like a mental break down, in Postictal Psychosis. By analogy, these seizures need the same kind of treatment as in Postictal Psychosis. You are smart. Figure it out. What kind of treatment does a person, or an economic system need that has a type of psychosis? See how serious this “psychosis” is from the Labour  Department’s statistic in the U-6 column website…

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