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December 2, 2011 / adgerellis


by Thomas S. Szasz – HarperCollins (2010.02.23) – paperback – 329 pages
50th Anniversary Edition With a New Preface and Two Bonus Essays The most influential critique of psychiatry ever written, Thomas Szasz’s classic …

THE MYTH OF MENTAL ILLNESS, book authored by Doctor Thomas Szasz

Doctor Szasz,  claims in his books that mental illness is an invention and a construction of psychiatry. That for psychiatry to diagnose and label a person as mentally ill is dangerous for society and bad for the person’s behavior in society. This post is about economics and though it is about mental illness also, only acknowledge’s Dr, Szasz contribution in the sence that”moderation in all things,” and a balanced  diagnoses is needed. Some people can argue that there is no such thing as mental illness, nevertheless, the police, courts, legislators and society recognise that there is erratic behaviour. All such idiosyncratic actions, identity withdraw and violence  can be given a description, and named so that such behavior is discussed with a consensus understanding of what we are talking about. If we have a nomenclature and a consensus treatment that has a statistical cure rate, or at least a moderation in symptoms, especially if the person is unhappy with their own behavior then psychiatry is fully justified in being called a useful science.

Doctor Szasz claims that psychiatry is more like a religion than a science. In many respects he is right, but the comparison is not religion, but “classical philosophy.” I had a religious fundamentalist  ridicule me when I brought up in a discussion  the “nature of god, as considered in by the ancient philosophers. That also goes for psychiatry. Psychiatry is not so much like religion, as it is like the different “schools of philosophy.”  Almost all educated people know that the origins of psychology and psychiatry come from “classical philosophy.” However, we know much more about human behavior now than the classical philosophers ever did, therefore, both psychiatry and psychology needs to be separated from philosophy just because the amount of information and conduct of humanity is now known to be much more complex and behavior understood better than the ancients realized. Go to the following website and read about the different schools of psychology…

Naturally, there is some overlap, because many of the fundamental ideas are the same, but now go and see the different schools of psychiatry… Humanity is better  all that! Do you not know how badly the mentally ill have been treated as recently as the year 1950, to say nothing of the famous mental asylums of the past….<<<Thane Hospital…..Bethlehem Hospital England, now see Bedlam Hospital…    …Brentwood Hospital…<<< Website and story… See website “Compassionate Care of the Mentally Ill”…  “Ad nauseam,” nothing in these blogs are original with me, and I never claimed to be smart! The only claim that I make with absolute certainty is that I have tried not to waste my 70 years on this Earth in just consuming stuff.  And,  I am generally not interested in constant amusement, play and entertainment. We should use our brains and try to think our way out of the very serious personal and national problems that we must deal with, if we truly are adults. I generally look to science, psychiatry and psychology to solve our economic and social problems. Oh, yes I firmly believe that there is a spiritual existence, but I  equally believe that science, psychology and psychiatry will eventually discover the “SECRETS OF SPIRITUAL EXISTENCE.”

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