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December 5, 2011 / adgerellis


THE JESUS PAPERS, authored by Michael Baigent. Published by HarperSanFrancisco, A Division of HarperCollins in the year 2006.

The Jewish Temples in Egypt and the Zadokian –


The Jewish Temples in Egypt and the Zadokian High Priest Influence of the Ancestors of Jesus

The Ancestors of Jesus in First and Second Century Judea BCE…

Land of Onias – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Land of Onias (Greek: Oneion) is the name given in Hellenistic Egyptian,
Jewish Like its predecessor the Jewish Temple at Elephantine (destroyed in
the 4th finally, his request for the ruined temple of the goddess Bubastis,
because a

An introduction to the critical study and knowledge of the Holy … – Google Books Result

The superstitious veneration, which this people had for their temple, further
appears …. a temple for the Jews, on the site of an ancient temple of Bubastis
or Isis, 1 — 9. there is an epistle from the Jews at Jerusalem to those in
Egypt. and was rebuilt by the Samaritans, between whom and the Jews there

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