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December 7, 2011 / adgerellis


Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore, While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. `’Tis some visitor,’ I muttered, `tapping at my chamber door – Only this, and nothing more.’

Edgar Allan Poe

The Raven

[First published in 1845]

1960 in high school, I did my senior graduation thesis on computers. Back then,  computers  for the most part were not even thought of by “geeks” and “nerds.” The words “geek” and  “nerds” were not even words in the common vocabulary. Only queer, science fiction fans even talked about computers. And, computer theory was so far “out-of-it” that only post- graduated university technicians and scientist even thought about computer theory.

ASPERGER DISEASE is a relatively new diagnosed disease that I probably would have been diagnosed with in 1960, if such a diagnose had existed back then.

Asperger Characteristic: An Overview

The most distinguishing Asperger characteristic is a child’s obsessive interest in a single object or topic to the exclusion of any other. Children with Asperger syndrome want to know everything about their topic of interest, and their conversations with others will be about little else. Another Asperger characteristic is high level of vocabulary and formal speech patterns. This fits my profile as a child exactly…See wesite… First, my obsession was religion, and the “nature of god.” Secondly, as I resolved my issues with god, my obsessive interest drifted into Science Fiction. That is not a “stretch” from religion to science fiction. Ray Bradbury and Philip K. Dick both wrote semi-religious stories that passed for science fiction. I’d walk in the woods by myself hoping to meet an extraterrestrial, watch the jet airplanes from a nearby airport, or see a strange exotic animal. Nothing ever happened, except a few raccoons and opossums hanging in trees with their babies. So, that should explain to a knowing person why this post switches pronouns. I am not confused who I am. I have a very good “ego-grounding..” But, I think you are confused! Ha! Ha!

Fun with Pronouns: you and me, you and I, him and me Fun with Pronouns: you and me, you and I, him and me… Posted by languageandgrammar on July 22, 2008. Nominative pronouns are pronouns that can be Billy Pilgrim and I have a lot in common. We both drift through time in a schizoid state, as in Kurt Vonnegut’s story “Slaughterhouse-Five or The Children’s Crusade.” Go check it out! Both, the book and the movie tell the story of humanity, through the eyes of the main character, Billy Pilgrim…


youtube.comApr 25, 2009 – 5 min – Uploaded by vidsampler 77 likes, 5 dislikes; As Seen On: Your Art – Not Photog. …. Kurt Vonnegut Talks  With Charlie Roseby ..

Hey! Fuck Face, no  apologies! I’m going to take you back in my memory to how badly my senior year in High School was “Fucked-Up!” How bad you hurt me finding dates and “making-out” with girls. I know, you probably can’t follow my post now, because you are so “up-tight” sexually that you are not thinking clearly. Listen to yourself talk about sexual subjects. You sound like an immature fool. You are like a little kid in an adult body. To be “tagged” queer in high school, not because you like same gender persons, but because you have an unconventional interest, like science, philosophy or  non-conformists music.  To like “Rag-Time,” or,  musicals,  maybe  even, Eastern European music like “polka,” or gypsy music, see website… made you a “strange” person back in 1960.  Just to let you know how degenerate public discourse is, I mentioned to my boss when we were talking about “Hip-Hop,” and “Punk-Rock” that I still liked “Rag-Time.” And, naturally like a “Good ” ignorant professing Christian he thought that I was talking about “female sanitary napkins.”  Irony, of  irony, that is exactly where the word “Ragtime” came from.  Prostitutes during their monthly period would use rags to soke-up menstrual blood in  brothels. Ragtime music, is brothel music.  L-O-L!…See the following website for Rag-Time music by Scott Joplin….

 You can slander a person’s reputation, and destroy their life forever without guilt, because “you are so cool,” and a real macho man, (or woman. Yes! More sarcasm. For, by 1960 standards, many girls and woman are very “masculinité.” Ha! Ha! Lets just have some queer fun.  Speculate, what if there was a time machine, and the mannish woman of today went back to the year 1960. Within a few days in our time travel fiction, somebody would kill then for being a “bitch!” That is just fictional speculation, and though the thought is cruel to contemporary woman, read your history. Generally, Susan Sontag, or Betty Friedan would probably agree with that description of culture in the year 1960. “Back to the Future,” is a good film to get the “feel” of the “cultural milieu” of the 1950’s and the first year of the “new decade” of 1960… Time Travel is not so far fetched as our fictional example, that is not a new idea.  Ha! Ha! You don’t believe me, but “Just Imagine”……If you sent a contemporary feminist back-in-time they would probably be killed. Because, Doctor Ronald Mallet is working on time travel that is not an impossibility.  Please see CNN news interview  click here…

 Strangely, in my life experience, it is  females who are “into” sexual slander, even among lesbians. Just a guess, but they probably see other people as sexual competition, both males and females. Just a guess, they probably have a personality disorder, feeling that they are not “pretty enough,” or attractive enough. That is a personality disorder, because most people are not Hollywood or model attractive. What really attracts a sane and mentally healthy person  is a happy, physically healthy person, at lest “out-wardly.” Now, the sarcasm. Unless, the person is interested in “quantum mechanics,” or polka, then they are just “strange.”  The “jocks” are the real faggs if they are more excited by same gender “contact” then they are intellectual pursuits with adult women (, even sexual contact, with sexy women who are intelligent. Not little girls who do not even know where their clitoris is.  And, mentally little boys who do not know that woman can masturbate by messaging their clitoris). 1960, I even knew about marijuana, while many of the kid smoked “cancer sticks.” See Link: STUPID NEWS    Remember, this is about “ancient history,” way back in the year 1960. Now,  -the problem seems to be “Good Christians” who have “made” their children, but condemn the younger generation from their “procreation rights.” Breeding children is a lot more “natural” than celibacy and virginity.  Now, what follows is a true story. And, oh would I like to supply names. However, I am not interested in hurting anybody. I just do not want people to be so prudish about natural bodily functions.  I have no prurient interest in this subject, but strictly as a  scientific,  medical and cultural comment.  The same boss man who didn’t know “Ragtime” from a  tampon told me that in security work, he had some “jocks” put on suspension for yelling the commonly used words for sexual intercourse. This is just for the feminist, with ear to the men’s locker room door. “Fuck you!”

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