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December 10, 2011 / adgerellis


The closing years, 1944-1945  of World War Two gasoline for private cars was rationed.

Dec. 1, 1942: Mandatory Gas Rationing, Lots of Whining | This Day Nov 30, 2009 – FDR imposes nationwide gasoline rationing in order to stop Americans the United States fully into World War II, the Americans get around to RATION STAMPS World War II ration stamps. Gasoline ration stamps. (A) stamp non essential 3 to 4 gallons per week (B) stamp essential to war effort 8 gallon per week (C) Your Car is a War Car Now –

Gasoline Rationing on the Home Front in WWII – by Gasoline rationing during World War II,” I respond, but there’s more to the story. Indeed

Even to have a private car in those war years was something of a luxury.  So, I walked to school approximately three miles. The school was closed that day because the school heating system was broken. I didn’t know and set on the school steps until the janitor stuck his head from around a partially open door and said to me, “Go home kid! The school is closed!” I had a paper lunch bag in one hand and an apple in the other hand. By the time I walked home my hands were frozen. I do not mean “frost-bite,” I mean that my hands were frozen like a pice of frozen meant. I almost lost my hands. My mother did not know exactly what to do. She telephoned the family doctor and he told her to put my hands in luck warm water until they thawed out. I didn’t lose my hands, but the finger’s bones are permanently bent where I was holding my lunch bag and apple. Also, my hands never did develop into full size, so that effected me playing sports as my hands are smaller than they probably would have been. (Needless to say, now-a-days, the bent fingers make for very difficult typing on the computer keyboard.)  Naturally, I stayed home from school until I could use my hands properly. And equally, I got into mischief by taking my family’s War Ration Books under the bed, and sticking the ration stamps on the supporting bed slats under the bed. My aunts read to me a lot. And I had a lot of favorite children’s books. One of my favorite stories was , “The Stead Fast Tin Soldier…Hans Christian Andersen : The Steadfast Tin Soldier :: www

 Without ever swerving from the tip of one toe, she held out her arms to him, and the tin soldier was just as steadfast on his one leg. Not once did he take his eyes  After I got out of High School, I work as a distributor for a national soap manufacture. I went on an advertising trip to the city of Detroit, …”Motor City.”  There I saw Danny Kaye in the musical film, Hans Christian Anderson. The theater was one of those old movie palaces. So, beautiful and ornate. See link… The capital city that I lived near, when I was young had many movie theaters, and three really big theatre palaces. No sarcasm. I truly feel sorry for the young people today who go to the multiplex to see a movie. You have not really seen a film unless you see it on a big screen in a movie palace! Totally different experience. You just can understand why some old people grieve for the past, beside the nostalgia, there is the experience of life in a different world. However, as life goes on, and time passes you will appreciate the lost of things gone, and never again will be the same. That reminds me of a radio show that  I heard. The show was about Doctor David Lewis Anderson and his plans for time travel. So, who knows, you might be able to visit the old movie palaces to see a film on the big screen. Doctor Anderson has a website. Go to this link… Control Technology Disclosure | Reality Sandwich

 Feb 17, 2010 – Newsteaser: Dr. David Lewis Anderson has revealed to the world the existence The ability to travel in time is within, when fully lucid one can easily change there research at what is known today as the Anderson Institute.<…
…rectory:Anderson Institute’s TimeControl Technology – PESWiki

 Nov 28, 2010 – 4 Profile: Anderson Institute; 5 Profile: David Lewis Anderson; 6 In the News David Lewis Anderson – Time Travel: Journeys Into Time 1-hour’s_Time_Control_Technology

Freeman interviews Dr. David Lewis Anderson on Time Travel part 1 4, 2010 – 10 min – Uploaded by urthnet Explore the possibilities on the exciting new frontier of time control and time travel  with the Anderson

1949 my father bought our first television set first television set. Before that, in the year 1948 a lot of the kids would go over to our neighbor’s house to see a television show. The very first TV Set that our family had, was a  TV Click to enlarge with a 7 inch screen.  I know this because as a kid, I took a picture post card and held it up to the screen. The post card fit the size of the screen almost, exactly. My father would watch Saturday Night Wrestling with a neighbour, and in the evening I’d watch my first  television hero, “Captain Video and His Video Rangers.” So strange, the place where I lived could get both New York City television stations and TV broadcasted from the city of  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This was an excellent location to get television broadcast from two big cities…

…THIRD GRADE IN ELEMENTARY  SCHOOL:   When I was approximate 7 or 8 years old I came down with almost every common childhood sickness that a young person could get. In the same year I got the Mumps, Measles, Whooping Cough, Chickenpox and Scarlet Fever and a bee sting on my foot. I was in bed sick for almost a full year. To cure myself, remember I was 7 or 8 years old, I took nearly a full bottle of aspirin, went into a coma and nearly killed myself! Ha! Ha! How much does a kid know! Anyway, the year was something like 1947 and there was no television in our home yet, only radio. Because I was so sick for a whole year I did not pass third grad and I was held back a year. That means that I was a year older than most of the kid in my third grad class. That one year made a big difference in the way I looked at the world and played with the other kids. The whole year of being sick in bed, reading children’s books, being read to by my mother and aunts, and listening to the radio gave me a different perspective on the world than the other kids had. To add to the physical and mental stress of that year, I walked to school in the winter.

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