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December 10, 2011 / adgerellis


o de ihsouV eipen autw ti me legeiV agaqon oudeiV agaqoV ei mh eiV o qeoV


10:18 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? [there is] none good but one, [that is], God…

Now, “Good Christian,” hear me. You have been known to pray, “Thy Kingdom come….” Does that mean that you are a “Royalist” and want a king to rule over the United States?” Oh, Christian, Oh, Christian you do not know what you pray for. The world is not as you have been told in Sunday School. There are people in England, Russia and China who look on the continent of North American with envy. The United States had a War, called the War of 1812. American citizens were kidnaped into the British Navy. Many person who are, or pretenders to be, kings and queens, prince and princess, still believe that they take orders from “GOD!” That is called the “Divine Right of Kings.”…….…...…....

divine right of kings (doctrine) — Britannica Online Encyclopedia

divine right of kings (doctrine), doctrine in defense of monarchical absolutism, which asserted that kings derived their authority from God and could not therefore

Divine Right of Kings – New World Encyclopedia

The Divine Right of Kings is a political and religious doctrine of royal absolutism. It asserts that a monarch is subject to no earthly authority, deriving his right to

…OK, Christian, you read your King James Bible. Read what King James said about his right to rule, -YOU!….King James I, On Divine Right of Kings

Feb 4, 1997 – In the Scriptures kings are called gods, and so their power after a certain relation compared to the divine power. Kings are also compared to

Many real royalty and pretenders clam that long ago Jesus was one of their relatives. They clam by “King’s Right,” to rule. By their ancestry to King David of Israel, and Jesus they can rule the world! Now, pay attention. They, being King and Queen can make slaves of whoever they will. YOU GET IT NOW DON’T YOU !  “Thy Kingdom come…”  Read ! Look !  Stare !, Prince Charles vetoed government bills… Oh,”Good Christian,” please think! How fragile our democratic republic is. The nation that has more guns, is the nation that rules. The nation that has the most smart and educated citizen will be strong enough to keep their democratic republic. Do you really want your King to come and rule the United States?  Remains of NJ Soldier Dumped in Landfill    WNYC (blog) – 16 hours ago

Unclaimed and unidentified body parts have since been cremated and buried buried with full military honors,” Smith said. “That turned into a landfill. Soldiers Remains Dumped; NJ Widow Behind Discovery‎ NJ widow exposes mishandling of troop remains‎ Austin American-Statesman….

Air Force dumped hundreds of remains of dead soldiers from Dover

New York Daily News – 1 day ago  What do you think about the military dumping cremated body parts in a landfill? It’s a disgrace. These men and women died for our country.

US military dumps soldiers’ remains in landfill‎ RT Air Force Admits More Remains Sent To Landfill‎ KRDO Number of dead U.S. soldiers’ remains dumped in landfill sites is ‎ Daily Mail….

76-9-704 — Abuse or desecration of a dead human body Abuse or desecration of a dead human body — Penalties. (1) For purposes of this section, “dead human body” includes any part of a human body in any stage of

Remains of 274 US Troops Thrown in Landfill

youtube.comNew1 day ago – 1 min – Uploaded by crwenewswire Welcome to CRWE Newswire News Update, I’m Christina Collins — The US Air Force dumped the cremated

Workers ordered to chop up US soldiers and dump

youtube.comNew16 hours ago – 2 min – Uploaded by 91177info Body parts belonging to US soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan were routinely cremated and then dumped

Air Force chief questioned over war dead’s remains

youtube.comNov 10, 2011 – 3 min – Uploaded by Hollywood2NY ” “Military Remains” “War Dead” “Body Parts” “General Norton Schwartz” Dover “Leon Penetta” News CNN ...

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