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December 11, 2011 / adgerellis



Unemployed  people have a very bad sounding name among some economist, politicians and social workers. That name is, “Labour redundant surplus.” Works Progress Administration (WPA), a massive employment relief program launched in the spring of 1935…New Deal Cultural Programs

Introduction: Federal Cultural Programs of the 1930’s an experimental program
in federal work relief, providing the unemployed with public service …. a public
interest which, properly fostered, might come to be a social and educative force.…United State Congress has not only been disrespectful to the working people of America, Congress has been disrespectful to our Commander-and-chief of the United States Arm Forces…… So, you did not vote for President Obama ! For that, he is in fact, de facto and in law, de jure the President of the United States. If you do not like the President’s political ideas vote him out of office in the next election, but do not insult the working people of America by trying to bring down the United States government with balance budget pretence, while there is an urgent need for jobs  for the unemployed. wpa projects 1930’s

In 1933, as part of his Second New Deal, Franklin Roosevelt established the
Works Progress Administration (WPA) to provide jobs for millions left unemployed .<<<
The National Labor Relations Act But in the 1930’s workers began to organize
militarily. By 1945, union membership reached 35% of the workforce.…Hello! Russia, China, Greece, see how the United States Congress disregard unemployed, their own people without jobs and work. The United States Congress would rather slander President Obama then work with a failed capitalist economic system that can not produce jobs for the working poor.
The United States Congress does have a unique problem for the United States. The United States Constitution forbids “involuntary servitude.” To force any person against their will to work, or go into the military is a form of slavery, or involuntary servitude… 13th Amendment US Constitution–Slavery and Involuntary Servitude

SERVITUDE. CONTENTS. Page. Abolition of Slavery . The Constitution of the United States of America
Thirteenth Amendment–Slavery and Involuntary Servitude legislative
extirpation of the “peculiar institution,”\3\ a constitutional amendment was then
Franklin Roosevelt helped American unemployed worker get a job by the creation of the WPA. President Obama could do the same, with the added incentive of a new constitutional amendment to make National Service, either in the US Military or a peace time National Service Corps for people willing to work, but can not find jobs.
As useful as the all voluntary military is, there is a very serious ethical and economic problem from the corporate nature of a private military force. The same problem comes from private security companies. Who has the private security companies, or militaries allegiance? Generally, an employee will obey the person who writes the pay check. This is not a trivial matter. Lets say, a large corporation that has its headquarters in a foreign country, maybe China, Russia or South America decides that it is not in the best interest of the corporation to defend the United States. This could happen, if against the corporations economic interests, and  the private military either acted as an obstructionist or just flat refused to defend the United States. Maybe even, turning its privately owned guns and weapons against the people of the United States, or even the United States political interest. Oh, Now let me hear, “It can’t  happen here!.” No! Hitler and the  Holocaust never happened, he types sarcastically. And, “Uncle Joe Stalin”  never had a forced famine in the Ukraine. And, the African Congo never had a genocidal war, and at mid-night on a full moon we can dance with the fairies. Get real! We, The United States must have a military draft, conscription, with a National Work Program for the conscientious objectors and the unemployed. ….War and Conscience: Expanding the Definition of Conscientious

Nov 10, 2010 Since Vietnam, the military’s rules governing conscientious objector veterans
and antiwar groups are calling on Congress to expand the
Hello! Hi, anybody from China, Russia, France, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈuɣo rafaˈel ˈtʃaβes ˈfɾ]; born July 28, 1954) is the 61st and current President of Venezuela, having held that position since 1999. He was formerly the leader of the Fifth Republic Movement political party from its foundation in 1997 until 2007, when he became the leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). Following his own political ideology of Bolivarianism and “Socialism for the 21st Century“, he has focused on implementing socialist reforms in the country as a part of a social project known as the Bolivarian Revolution, which has seen the implementation of a new constitution, participatory democratic councils and the nationalisation of several key industries…Something  strange is going on tn The United States Congress. All the talk of freedom, liberty, equality, the military corporations are taking over the democratic republic in this real example, see  NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT…Senate Bill 1867 did pass with language in Section 1031: that American Citizens be subjected to the rules of war; That anyone could be detained indefinitely without trial for committing an act of belligerence Sec 1032 prevents military custody of Citizens, but does not exclude American Citizens from being rounded up, and held in private custody under the rules of war….Internet Website…

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