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December 13, 2011 / adgerellis


Christian, oh, Christian, oh, Christian, I do not want to hurt your faith. I was a Christian once. No way in the depth’s of hell do I want to see pain, hurt and suffering, not even from people who themselves have chosen to call me their enemy. God, or Jesus, what ever you faith may be technology and science have taken humanity far beyond the beginnings of your faith. The reason for all these religious postings is because this time of year is one of the big religious holidays called,  “Christmas.” This is not an anti-Christmas post. Nevertheless, “Good Christian, Hear Me !” If you missed it go to this post, with discernment… You worship a dead man, or as your faith has it, an “ascended begin,” into the sky with the sky god. You are upset at the idea that maybe removal of Jesus’ body by humans, and the beating and mocking, jeering at Jesus while alive was a cruel terror “for-the-sins-of-the-world.” But,  you do nothing about the abuse and desecration of the bodies of real people.  When you do not show respect for the bodies of people who are known to  have once been alive, why should anyone respect the religion that worships a dead man who some people believe was a fiction? You go to church, or synagogue and pray and weep for a story, but do nothing for a factual news report. Hello! Are you awake? Are you real? Look!…Unclaimed and unidentified body parts have since been cremated and buried buried with full military honors,” Smith said. “That turned into a landfill.<‎ …US military dumps Body Parts in Landfill…

US military was dumping soldiers bodies in garbage …3 days ago – Full story in the Washington Post: Air Force dumped more ashes than acknowledged The widow of an Army sergeant killed in Iraq told the newspaper dump any whole bodies in landfills, they used it to dump body parts

Air Force dumped hundreds of remains of dead soldiers from Dover  ‎New York Daily News – 1 day ago  What do you think about the military dumping cremated body parts in a landfill? It’s a disgrace. These men and women died for our country. US military dumps soldiers’ remains in landfill‎ RT Air Force Admits More Remains Sent To Landfill‎ KRDO Number of dead U.S. soldiers’ remains dumped in landfill sites is ‎ Daily Mail…(NO! I Am Not going to change this blog. Links to new stories inexplicably keep getting broken. The blood in on your head not mine. I tried to be honest and true, you dumped the truth. Live in the lie that you made. Not Me! Newton’s Third Law: For ever action there is an equal and opposite reaction.) ……ABUSE AND DESECRATION OF HUMAN REMAINS…76-9-704 — Abuse or desecration of a dead human body Abuse or desecration of a dead human body — Penalties. (1) For purposes of this section, “dead human body” includes any part of a human body in any stage of And, if the horror could stop there we might collectively deal with it. However, that is the lest of this grotesque horror, “Good Christian !” READ  AND SEE ! Please, do not hide behind the dead and bloody body of your “God.”  –JAPAN: FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI REACTOR CONFIRMED SPRAYING POISON OVER THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. HAPPY CHRISTMAS…… See blog post below.

Akio Matsumura: Finding the Missing Link

Women, young girls;  all females are at high risk for ovarian cancer, and thyroid problem

Family Values, the Religious Right and Neocons (Love for big Corporations)…

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