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December 13, 2011 / adgerellis


Asshole fool! Just let you drool, I’m no Nazi, but by your suspicions you are not so cool.  If you go into other people’s computer, will you go into their pants too? ……(NO! I Am Not going to change this blog. Links to new stories inexplicably keep getting broken. The blood is on your head not mine. I tried to be honest and true, you dumped the truth. Live in the lie that you made. Not Me! Newton’s Third Law: For ever action there is an equal and opposite reaction.)  There ia a certain type of person, a clueless moral “freak,” base beyond most people’s understanding who is smart in computer technology, works for the government or private industry, but is reprobate and depraved. This type of person has  no understanding of the social damage done by going into people’s computers through a “back-door” and changing the screen format, text, and page content. That “hacking” is a crime, but then when you work for the government or the computer industry you have criminal immunity. The public, “little girls and boys,” you should alway keep in mind that the NAZI’s and active Communist have a depraved and perverted interest in you personally. FYI, almost everything in my Blogs is for “effect,” just emotive foolishness, to excite and “shock.” The NAZIS and Socialist are real enough, but that is a mockery, a lampoon on the public and clueless masses who do not care, or feel helpless about the serious economic and social problems. Sheeple, check this out…Our paper – Google Books Result Massachusetts Reformatory (Concord, Mass.) – 1900The cruel and the bitter word, That wounded as it fell ; The chilling want of
find some work to do; Lose not a chance to waken love — Be firm and just and
true. The Student in Germany In the German parks there are special seats
labeled, “Only for grown-ups” (Nur fur Erwach– sene), and the Get man small boy,

I’M AWAKE ( The Full Movie ) Totally Awesome!


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