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December 14, 2011 / adgerellis


Now, let us get back to the subject of Jesus and his family in ancient Egypt. The following is from the excellent book, this not only as a book review, but a critique  also of…

THE JESUS PAPERS: Exposing the Greatest Cover-Up in History, by Michael Baigent. Published by HarperSanFrancisco, a division of HarperCollins publishers, 2006. The reason for the direct quotes instead of a paraphrase is, you reader can check this information for yourself, either by computer search, or better yet, go and buy the book.

“Alexander Lysimachus had a famous brother: the philosopher Philo of Alexandria. Philo attempted to draw together Platonic and Jewish philosophy, taking a mystical approach to Jewish thought. In those of his works that survive, he wrote about many of the Jewish religious groups he considered important. He tended to side personally with those groups of a mystical, even esoteric, nature -groups within Judaism that, to his mind, seemed to be the Jewish equivalents of the Greek philosophical traditions he admired most, such as the Platonists and the Pythagoreans. Yet, in all his surveys of the variations of Judaism, Philo never once mentioned the temple built by Onias in the (Egyptian) delta…

…For one would expect that the most notable Jews in Alexandria would take pride in the existence of a Jewish temple that had so august an ancestry and that continued to work in Egypt. That they did not, and that they, like Philo’s brother, continued to support the Temple in Jerusalem -a temple run by a priesthood vehemently opposed by the Zealots -is perhaps significant. Was this silence on the part of Philo due to some knowledge of the Zealot sympathies among the priesthood serving the temple in the (Egyptian) delta? Could he have been aware of the Zealots’ political ambitions and been opposed to them?  It is a reasonable suggestion that does have the advantage of making sense of Philo’s curious omission.” Note, Christian, there are a lot of curious omissions in “the Bible,” also. The word theologians use is a…Legal Latin – Lacuna

A lacuna is an empty space in the law with no regulations applicable or an
absent part in a law or another written document such as a contract. In other wo…

Lacuna in both written text and history have  strange aspects. Just as the  “pixels” in digital images, “dot art,”…or photo-off “half-tone” printing…  The closer you are in time, or psychically to the subject, the subject, or “lacuna”  makes the subject hard to see. The farther away in time, or distance from the image (within reason,) the clearer the image or subject is to understand. The old expression, that means what I’m saying is, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.”

Review The Hidden Jesus A New LifeCNN

Dec 10, 1998 – St. Martins Press, 24.95Review by L.D. MeagherCNN Jesus of Nazareth was not born in the Year One, and did not die at the age of 33… This is an excellent book, with only one quibble. That is, Mary and Joseph probably did flee to Egypt with babies Jesus…  Marijuana & The Bible + More pt.2 | FacebookMar 29, 2011 – The Theraputea of Egypt were Jewish ascetics that dwelt near Alexandria and …. In the Apocrypha (Book of Jubilees), Chapter 10, God tells an angel to …This is not a quibble. But, very important for understanding real magick that Jesus was accused of doing…

New discoveries happen almost every day. The latest is the following, not confirmed as genuine, yet!..Books found in Jordanian cave could be more significant than the Mar 31, 2011 – The credit-card-sized “books”, each made with just a handful of lead pages and bound with rings, were discovered in a cave in Jordan after …Also, please see the FACEBOOK PAGE..Jordan Codices – Photos | Facebook

Jordan Codices – The Jordan Codices website is currently under construction. Description: Welcome to the Facebook page for the Jordan Lead Codices…

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