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December 15, 2011 / adgerellis


Christmas story goes something  like this.  After Jesus was born, Mary his mother, and Joseph his father, or step father, after Marry’s “god-rape'” or adultery, which  ever story you prefer, fled to Egypt to escape from the mass murder of a child killer.. . The Slaughter of the Innocents: Historical Fact  or Legendary Fiction?  Dec 9, 2009 Was the slaughter of the innocents a tale, myth, folk-lore, or legend? Sitting
next to me was Dr. Bruce Narramore, a Christian psychologist from Biola
University. ….. The story of Purim was during Persian times not Roman.

THE JESUS PAPERS: Exposing the Greatest Cover-Up in History, by Michael Baigent. Published by HarperSanFrancisco, a division of HarperCollins publishers, 2006. The reason for the direct quotes instead of a paraphrase is, you reader can check this information for yourself, either by computer search, or better yet, go and buy the book.

Truly, “Baby Jesus”  was probably taken to Egypt  for an early education in the most advanced schools in that part of the world.  According to the book under review, THE JESUS PAPERS: Exposing the Greatest Cover-Up in History, there was a community in Egypt at that time called the “Therapeutae.” Philo the Jewish philosopher explains that the name “Therapeutae …carries both a sense of healing -not only of the body but also of the soul -and a sense of worship. Theraeutae worship centered on the “Self-Existent” -a belief in the One Divine Reality, never created but eternal. This was a concept of divinity far beyond the capability of language to describe…

The Therapeutae were an elitist community made up apparently of well-educated and wealthy Alexandrians of Philo’s patrician class who had chosen to give up all their possession and live lives of communal simplicity, dedicated to worship. It seems, from his comments, which have the character of personal experience, that Philo had visited this group and participated in some of their services.

But this group was not alone. Philo describes other such groups dedicated to a type of meditative contemplation throughout all the regions of Egypt. As Philo explains, noting that similar groups existed in other parts of the world within other religious traditions, the Therapeutae represented a Jewish version of a widespread mystical tradition that found expression in all lands.

The implication of the Therapeutae’s inclusion of women, however, is that when a group is dedicated to contemplation of the highest experience of the soul -to that sight of the soul ‘which alone gives a knowledge of truth and falsehood’ -the gender of the worshiper is irrelevant. This may seem self-evident to us today, but in the world of Philo and Jesus this concept was truly revolutionary.” Even today, Muslim’s separate male from female worshipers.  Gender segregation and Islam – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Islam discourages free mixing between men and women when they are alone ….
the women simply prayed behind the men and were not separated in a separate
…. In Saudi Arabia, a male doctor is not allowed to treat a female patient, unless<When Iranian students return to university in September the men and women may find themselves in separate classes, laboratories, canteens, buses and even administration offices...<.Male and female university students may find themselves in separate classes, laboratories, canteens and buses when they return to study in September. Morteza Nikoubazl / Reuters

Iran minister urges sex segregation in universities…

Strict laws adopted after the 1979 revolution which founded the Islamic Republic bar any contact between men and women (File  Islamic FAQ – Equality   Q1: What is the Islamic concept of equality between men and women? …This is a slight digression. But, if you go with the ancient and historical idea that the male, and men are to protect women and children the following could be true. With the essential female’s eggs, the chemical oxytocin maybe the origin of religious segregation of the sexes…Oxytocin : the hormone of love  Jul 14, 1999 – The hormone of love and cuddle chemical, oxytocin. Twenty-six non-lactating women between the ages of 23 and 35 were asked to recall

Oxytocin how to increase naturally, informationOxytocin and sex. Also known as the “cuddle” hormone, oxytocin is released by both men and women at sexual orgasm. Massage Oxytocin can be released by…acquisition of knowledge is an incumbent duty to every Muslim male and female.
Oxytocin in women – The Marriage Bed

 Jan 1, 2006 – Touch causes our bodies to produce a hormone called oxytocin. Nursing a baby produces oxytocin in both mother and child, and this is a…. Mosques are for both men and women but they pray in separate areas, most often in

Now, back to the Christmas story…

“The Therapeutae were mystics and visionaries: “It is well,” Philo writes, “that the Therapeutae, a people always taught from the first to use their sight, should desire the vision of the Existent and soar above the sun of our senses.”

“Members of the Therapeutae wanted to have a direct vision of reality -or of the “Self-Existent,” to use Philo’s term -in order to experience what truly exists behind the rough-and-tumble world of this transitory life. This too was the aim of many groups operating in the classical world, especially in those great and secret cults called ‘the Mysteries.’ Here we appear to have a Jewish version, seeking the same end, but operating in much simpler manner within the Jewish tradition.

The Therapeutae prayed at dawn and sunset. During the day they would read the holy text, but rather than taking these as the history of the Jewish nation, they understood them as allegory. According to Philo, they considered the literal text a symbol of something hidden” …This is the point of most of my blogs on religions. Much of the religious dogma today came from theology that was formed in the late Middle-Ages. Do you really want to belive things that were thought to be true almost six or seven hundred years ago? There are now a lot of new and most of all, provable facts that have been discovered about religion. For more information see the following websites….

Therapeutae – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 According to Philo, the Therapeutae were widely distributed in the Ancient world, is the greatest number of such men in Egypt, in every one of the districts, or nomes, Simon, Marcel, Jewish Sects at the Time of Jesus (Philadelphia: Fortress

Cannabis and Religion by Doctor Q (Mojo Hand Doctor Q) on

 Oct 26, 2009 – The ancient Egyptian practice of ntr sentra involved using cannabis and Sufi Islam, Theraputea, Wicca, Witchcraft, Zoarastrianism, and Zulu.

Gorish: Entheogens and Spirituality

 Jun 26, 2011 – Jesus is portrayed as the Son of God, sent to fulfil the role of Messiah ….. The Essenes of ancient Israel and the Theraputea of Egypt both used

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