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December 16, 2011 / adgerellis


Saturnalia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 Saturnalia was an  Ancient Roman religious festival celebrated from  the same instinct which set Natalis Invicti at the winter solstice will have sufficed, apart
…<Master Mason, Builder & carpenter Jesus Christ said about these Saturnist that they are an “Abomination to God, will cause terrible destruction and desolation of mankind” & ” full of dead men’s
 Now that we are adults, to me it seems like almost every day is a struggle. The news and talk shows talk about the national debt, but debt on the principle of borrowed money is for banks, or the lender to make a profit. The interest  is a “profit fiction” as it is not real money and could be ‘absolved,’  forgiven or payment delayed if the lender  wanted to do that. There is no reason why our nation should be burdened under debt that the tax payer has to pay off,  -if that debt is a “fictional profit ” paid to the banks.  Naturally, the principle has to be paid. But, in an economic recession, payment on the principle can be held in suspension until the economy gets better.  That kind of thing, barrow for war and building castle, put ancient  Europeans under debt and made some people agnostic  fighting  horrible religious wars, egged on by the aristocracy. I voted for President Obama and I also voted for George Wallace. No contradiction. I voted for Wallace because of his ‘States Rights’ positions  and the real “Culture Wars.”  That battle is lost. I voted for  President Obama hoping for positive change, anti-war, anti-international  monopoly, pro-environment  and pro-Social Security.  You do know that the neocons want to put the Social Security Trust Fund into the stock market. There is no way for us to imagine what kind of horrendous  pressure the President  is under, and him being the first “black,” (sorry if that is not PC,) President.  I’m sure he is trying to set an example for minorities not to seem to aggressive. President Obama is a historical role model  for any future  minority  Presidents, cooperating  with  the opposition. I have worked as a security guard with real African-Americans, and though  what I said in regard to the racial makeup of America did get some …of them  angry, their anger showed me  how they really thought. I said, “If white people would make more babies there would be no racial problem.” Ha! Ha! Ha! So, where is my contribution? My luck of being stationed in Germany took three and a half years out of my earning capacity. At  that time a Pfc  or a Specialist Fourth Class (Sp4),  my last rank, only earned little more than minimum wage. Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad that I got stationed in Germany. However, don’t forget why US troops were there. Yes, at that time the excuse was to keep the Russians out of western Europe,- but the real reason? The US Army was a conqueror and occupier of Germany.  

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