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December 16, 2011 / adgerellis


Psychomanteum – Life After Life  The Psychomanteum is a chamber invented by Dr. Moody, but inspired by the ancient A visitor to the Psychomanteum often experiences contact with departed

P S Y C H O M A N T E U M The Other Side of the Mirror

 Research into the practices of the ancient Greeks revealed that for over 1000 years such places known as psychomanteums, underground clay houses ...

Ibogaine – Associated Press Article  Its root bark is chewed in rituals in Gabon. Chew enough, it is said, and you see your dead ancestors. Just a little prevents fatigue. Ibogaine was purified from the

Orpheus and Eurydice – MusesRealm.Net

 Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot–‘Orpheus Leading Eurydice from the Underworld’. Orpheus was the son of Calliope, oldest and most beautiful of the nine muses.
Orpheus and Eurydice……Ovid’s version

Virgil SolisMyrrha and Cinyras

“Published in 8 A.D. the Metamorphoses of Ovid was ahead of its time stylistically and has become one of the most influential poems by the Latin writers.[15][16] The Metamorphoses showed that Ovid was more interested in questioning how the laws interfered with and ruined people’s lives rather than writing epic tales like Virgil‘s Aeneid and Homer‘s Odyssey.[15] The Metamorphoses is not narrated by Ovid,[nb 3] but rather by the characters inside the stories.[15] The myth of Myrrha and Cinyras is sung by Orpheus in the tenth book of Metamorphoses after he has told the myth of Pygmalion[nb 4] and before he turns to the tale of Venus and Adonis.[19] As the myth of Myrrha is also the longest tale sung by Orpheus (205 lines) and the only story that corresponds to his announced theme of girls who are punished for their madness from forbidden desire, it is considered the centerpiece of the song.[20] Ovid opens the myth with a warning to the audience that this is a myth of great horror, especially to fathers and daughters:

The story I am going to tell is a horrible one: I beg that daughters and fathers should hold themselves aloof, while I sing, or if they find my songs enchanting, let them refuse to believe this part of my tale, and suppose that it never happened: or else, if they believe that it did happen, they must believe also in the punishment that followed “

From Wikipedia…Now, Sphincter on Psyche, did Jesus know of Ovid’s book, Metamorphoses, and did the apostles, or The Disciples of Jesus know Apuleius’: The Golden Ass? These ancient books are full of wonder and magick ! Any educated person in the ancient world of Jesus’ time would know these stories, and not one word of condemnation, either for magick or sexuality. Why? Maybe, the whole Jesus story was a real magickal “Passion Play.”  Jul 5, 2008 – Apuleius’s The Golden Ass relates the adventures of a young Greek nobleman who, through an “Don’t you know that Pamphila is a witch? “If the laughing god will only lend me inspiration to-night, I will do my best to entertain the townspeople to-morrow.” …Does the New Testament Imitate Homer? Four Cases from the Acts of the Apostles, a book authored by Dennis R. MacDonald. Published by Yale University Press in the year 2003… Get it: The Hidden Jesus– $30,…

Review The Hidden Jesus A New Life – CNN  Dec 10, 1998 – St. Martins Press, 24.95Review by L.D. MeagherCNN Jesus of Nazareth was not born in the Year One, and did not die at the age of 33… This is an excellent book, with only one quibble. That is, Mary and Joseph probably did flee to Egypt with babies Jesus…  Marijuana & The Bible + More pt.2 | FacebookMar 29, 2011 – The Theraputea of Egypt were Jewish ascetics that dwelt near Alexandria and …. In the Apocrypha (Book of Jubilees), Chapter 10, God tells an angel to …This is not a quibble. But, very important for understanding real magick that Jesus was accused of doing…<

The Hidden Story of Jesus – Part 1 of 11 – YouTube 7, 2010 – 10 min – Uploaded by Surah72 As Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, theologian Dr Robert Beckford  investigates remarkable parallels to

Ł12.99 Ovid’s Metamorphoses Books 6-10 (Bks 6-10 Ovid’s Metamorphoses Books 6-10 (Bks 6-10) Just because someone lived in at the same time as Jesus does not make him …. Get to Know Us

tale of EROS AND PSYCHE: ancient love story, deep psychological Eros the greek god is also known as Cupid or Amor in Latin

1. The Tale of Cupid and Psyche(Apuleius) by Apuleius2. The Tale of Cupid and Psyche (Shambhala Centaur Editions) by Apuleius…<

Survival | Can We Survive The ‘New Age’ of Iran?

 One claiming that it came from dead ancestors in a dream. …. In Africa, the  hallucinogenic drug of choice is called Ibogaine, which is derived from a plant under the direction of priests ‘communicating with the gods’ while high on DMT), they

Iboga Root Bark, Tabernanthe iboga   The sacred plant Ibogaine of bwiti religion used for initiation and spirit quest.   secret cults from West Africa use Iboga to communicate to their dead ancestors. For more information on this amazing plant please visit The Ibogaine Dossier<

Ibogaine « Science and Nuts   Ibogaine up-regulates the feedbackloop of GDNF (Glia Derived Neurotrophic …. we also have to realize something we can’t see, the dead ones and the addicts

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