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December 19, 2011 / adgerellis


CHRISTIAN  VISION  OF  THEOPHILUS…   Theophilus is the name of an ancient patriarch of the city of Alexandria, Egypt. This vision is one of the origins of the detailed stories about Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus in Egypt, often refered to as…THE FLIGHT TO EGYPT Moreover, the Vision of Theophilus by the twenty-third Patriarch of Alexandria
from the fourth century as well as the Homily of Zachariah, Bishop of Sakha,ÁNY Időutazás….علوم سفر در زمانThere is probably no real way to know how true, or real Theophilus’ vision really was is hard to say.  Though contemporary Christians today are generally loathed to consider that many people in ancient times got their “visions” from taking herbs, what we today would call hallucinogens. The facts are absolutely true beyond reasonable doubt. Maybe, if a real “Time Machine” 科学的时间旅行  is ever invented we can check out the historical facts in person.  Plumbing The Depths of Science Fiction TV: The Time Tunnel There’s no way to be sure, but it’s highly unlikely that the TV series The Time
Tunnel left any lasting impact on science fiction as a whole. Today, as was the
case ..CZAS PODRÓŻY NAUKA..(علوم سفر در زمان…科學的時間旅行)

Seven DaysTV Series? i need links please!!! help me find it <

Seven DaysTV Series? i need links please!!! help me find it =[!!!? i’m looking for
a old show i use to watch back when i was younger….it use to
Voyagers! is an American science fiction time travel-based television series that
aired on NBC during the 1982–1983 season. The series stars Jon-Erik Hexum

Time Travel Aug 10, 1997  and Interdimensional Voyages. Horizontal Line Time travel is no longer
regarded as strictly science fiction. For years the concept of time

Christians who hurt other Christian I have never been able to understand. Even when I called myself a Christian, I heard and saw other people who were very vocal in their zeal for their “Lord and King,”  appeared to go out-of-their-way to hurt, slander and “bad-mouth” other Christians. The very people who profess their “love” for Jesus are some of the most “defensive” of their particular belief system to the exclusion of other faiths. Their particular type of “religion” is no kind of religion that I want to be near. For example, there is an ancient form of Christianity in Egypt called, “Coptic.” ->What is Coptic Christianity, and what do Coptic Christians believe? Answer: “Coptic” means “Egyptian,” and Christians living in Egypt identify of the
Gospel of Mark), as their founder and first bishop sometime between A.D. 42…Apostolic Mark, the acknowledged author of the “Book of Mark,” was founder of the Coptic form of Christianity in approximately the years 42 to 63 of the Current Era. Now, the point that I am trying to make is that popular, or common understanding, another caveat, “Sunday School” Christianity, is not the orthodox, or to be blunt, “real theological Christianity.” Contemporary Christianity is very diverse, and allows for all sorts of divergent beliefs. This takes me back to Christianity as practiced by the Coptic faith in Egypt.  There are many historical documents, books and texts that the Coptic faith uses, claiming their origin directly from Mark and Jesus. These documents, books and texts are not known to Western Europeans and other Christians. American fundamentalist, and some evangelicals might call the Coptic Egyptian Books satanic,  or demonic because they are “magickal text,” not canonical from the “Great Catholic Council” of Nicaea in the year 325 Current Era…But, more ancient, going back to the Pharaohs and Patriarchs before the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt. Whether you believe it or not, some Copts do, along with “astral projection,” and “remote viewing.” So, the science fiction of ‘time travel’ is not real. Regardless, the illusion, delusion and hallucination of psychological time travel is real enough for many of the faithful…Mental time travel and the evolution of the human mind NOTE: Courtesy of Doctor Steven M. Greer, see his very important website…

[TXT] from cogprints.orgT Suddendorf… – Genetic, Social, and General …, 1997 –
Abstract This article contains the argument that the human ability to travel mentally in time
constitutes a discontinuity between ourselves and other animals. Mental time travel
comprises the mental reconstruction of personal events from the past (episodic memory)…  In  ancient books and stories the claim of “dreams” and “visions” are common enough. Many anthropologists, theologians, historians, and botanist believe that some of the ancient dreams and visions were induced by herbs and plant ingestion. Persian and Iranian cyber-space reports  of “time-travel” have been censored,…see link: Though, superficially the Christian “Vision of Theophilus,” does not seem to be exactly time travel, the possible induction of visions, and dreams by herbs and plants in ancient Egypt seem to be real enough…
Persian Cyberspace | Iran Media Program May 11, 2011 Persian Cyberspace Report: Time-travel censorship and support for the Libyan
rebels. This week Iranian bloggers and social networkers have

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