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December 29, 2011 / adgerellis

Solar Breakthrough: إيران IRANIAN SUNSHINE رسی ! 經濟 ! 经 济 的 !

Solar Breakthrough: Iran Sunshine could get electric power from new dot matrix solar cells. Just print and use…….…Thin, Flexible Solar-cell Coating.<<..<

Titanium dioxide nano-particles are coated with Cadmium sulfide or/and Cadmium selenide, the composite mixed with a solvent and then pained or, and here is the novelty of this new process, printed by a printing press just like pages of a book or magazine on  a photo sensitive material. There are many new companies that are now producing these new photo sensitive materials. A search of the internet will give the names and addresses of this paradigm breaking technology. No need for all the fossil fuels !” Indifference makes the heart grow colder.” Now, here is the point of this blog.  Starting from the premise that all major wars are bad for the civilian economy, and though large war based industries and weapons manufactures make a good profit by destruction of the adversary’s infrastructure, and populations, war is not cost efficient. That is. and here is stressed not only buildings, national treasures and libraries, record offices and monuments, arts and culture are ruined, but the historical memory of nations are warped and twisted in negative and counter-productive ways of action and thought. This warped and twist thought by war has unintended consequences that the origins of war can not anticipate. This anti-war premise is so obvious from an uncensored reading of war history and, now please pay attention, modern game theory, that unless the person who disagreed with the destructive power of war is mentally ill, or has a hidden agenda, this premise is plain and self-evident. Some Christians and Neo-Cons parade their beliefs in public as a badge of honor. That is alright, but beware to take responsiblity for you beliefs if they end in tragedy and cause unmitigated suffering, …”sufrimientos sin remedio.”…Good…God! Hell…No!..

Secret Space War IV:  Terra Forming. See…

“Righteous War” may be necessary,  that is a digression, and the definition of a “righteous war” is totally subjective  dictated by economics and cultural biases. This post is not a plea for war passivity, but a measured consideration of the damage done by war to the human psyche and infrastructure. There are many things from war destruction that just can not be replaced. The damaged human by “post-traumatic stress disorder” in the war combatants and even the historical distortions of culture and economies caused by war can not be replaced with new minds and new histories if honesty and truth is held to a high standard…Alaxis de Tocqueville has been said to have written, in translation,  “Every country has the government it deserves.”  There are various forms of this quote, “In a democracy, people get the government that they deserve,” and “People will always elect the government they deserve.”

Religious and political convictions are great and shows that people are not just materialist, but believe in ideals and have a moral direction. However, be quick to abandon proven false ideals, and hypocritical morality.  If you hold to false morality and hypocritical ideals, the end will be the same as the “Great Victorian Age,” in a World War. This time not with biplanes, poison gas, barbwire and machine guns as in World War One, but with strange science fiction weapons, for the most part, that the ignorant civilian population can not even imagine. You may believe that by shaking your fist-at-the-sky you can stop …weaponization of Space…China reveals its space plans …, and “hyper-dimensional shifts,” …ZOMOBO, Dimensions, sonic-canons and miro-wave beams, drones eavesdropping on your conversation, and nano-bugs, but it is not likely…Possible Consequence, War With Iran…   1954 Jahre: US- Krieg Abteilung Majestic-12 SOM 1-01 Schulungshandbuch das heißt … (Tut mir Leid, dies besonders wichtig, Web-Link ist nur in englischer Sprache) … …  “*Keine Möglichkeit zu wissen, ob der Absturz einer Wahr Zeit-Maschine passiert ist, aber es genügend Indizien gibt, um anzugeben, dass das Roswell, N.M.-Ereignis im Jahr 1947 so geheim war, dass die Entdeckung eine Panik in die Vereinigte Staaten Militär so ernst verursachen, und Änderungshistorie durch Manipulation des Raum-Zeit-Kontinuums durch Ändern der Geschichte die Kriege. 1954 Jahre: US – Krieg-Abteilung Majestic-12-SOM 1-01 Schulungshandbuch Das Heißt… (Tut Mir Leid, stirbt Besonders Wichtig, Web-Link ist Nur in Englischer Sprache)… *”

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