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December 30, 2011 / adgerellis

Fairness in Comopensation and The Glass Ceiling


NO JOB? UNEMPLOYED? “FAT CATS,” have money, and you can check their pay rate by going to this website…,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=4143b87d8935c116&biw=1600&bih=744 and CEO’s salaries that you can compare to what you make at work ! You should not eat, just go on and die…Michele Bachmann thinks unemployeed people should not eat Michele Bachmann thinks unemployed people should not eat. – Don’t let the media try to fluff this out of your memory. Pass this on. – Description: Please

TRANSFERRED OR FIRED?  Go now, click the website…

…Walnuts are DRUGS! FDA makes bizarre claim after seller says they ‘reduce risk of heart disease and cancer’…

Dehydration: EU says you CAN’T claim drinking water stops body   Nov 18, 2011 – Drinking water does not ease dehydration, the European Union has ruled – and anyone   ‘It is a perfect example of what Brussels does best.

EU bans dehydration claim for water –  Nov 19, 2011 – The European Commission ruled distributors of bottled water cannot advertise their He told The Daily Telegraph the ruling is a bad one.

Knight & Carpenter Security, removes security guard from site for saying the latin word “CUM,” in the context of the English word “with,” as in “summa cum laude – Wiktionary  He graduated from Strathmore College summa cum laude. [edit] Coordinate terms. (highest of three degrees of praise): cum laude, magna cum laude”  Stupidity in security holds no bound when dealing with ignorant management. Professional Effete Security Company removes security guard from site after female guard claims the song, ” If I had A Million Dollars,” by BARENAKED LADIES playing on the radio was directed  to “buy a  new dress” for her and take her on a yacht. Management of “Effete Security,” agreed with the female security guard that the song on the radio was directed at her.

SUNNY DADC, removed a male security guard from the site for yelling at a female SUNNY employee, when employee clearly refused to comply and violated company policy. “Age Discrimination,” An increasing number of laid-off employees are claiming that they were unfairly dismissed because of age. In 2008, workers filed 24,582 complaints of age bias with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). That’s up from 19,103 in 2007 and the highest level of age discrimination charges documented in records dating back 12 years.”  The previous quote is from the following website…Click here for full story:

Companies’ names used in the examples above, may or may not be real. However, the incidents are real and there is documentation that could be used in any litigation. Prejudice and pretext, and excuse to fire somebody that does not “fit” corporate culture still exist in spite of all the laws to prevent discrimination. Many Human Resource Departments are just plain incompetent, or filled with prejudice bigots that use any excuse to “get rid” of somebody. And, there is a new perversion to this discrimination. Some very sick, and the word “sick” is not used lightly, Human Resource people are “on-a-power-trip!” Some, and the word “some” is clearly used, fire people just because they can! The “Donald Syndrome !” The Human Resource Department apparently, and there is no way to truly know their motives, have “power-hungry” people, apparently with “weak egos,” that for the first time in their live have control over people and they abuse that control by unreasonable demands, and unreasonable performance expectations. They make a perverse joke out of the work place by inconsistent demands, and illogical reasoning, as in the above example. The examples above are fun on the surface, but if you reader got removed from your work place for using that latin phrase, “cum laude,” or a “sexual harassment charge” for singing a long with a song on the radio, the joke would most likely not be so funny….However, the incidents are real and there is documentation that could be used in any litigation. The arrogance of some of these people is astonishing. The Human Resource people could fire you, and as mentioned above, the documentation exist, for the way a person walks, talks, the clothes they wear, all could get a person terminated from a job. Oh, yes there may be a problem with “inappropriate” talk, and clothes, but inconstancy and just plain stupid actions by Human Resource people will be certain to destroy the businesses work production and make for poor company morale, if not worst, somebody “going postal’ and vandalism of company property in a hostile work environment.

“Mobbing,” a gang of people singling out one or a few other people to torment in a crowd; the word means “bullying.” This is another work place problem that management and Human Resource Departments have been known to countenance and encourage that is clearly the actions of prejudice bigots that is totally illegal. Young workers for the most part are the cause of, fagging and harassment in the work place that management does not want to deal with, or can not cope, and Human Resource is complicit in these criminal activities. Oh, yes this has to do with work place politics. If a reasonable person can not figure-out what torture is, how could they know that “razing,” or fragging…Female Soldiers Getting Fragged in Theater, Cover-up Suspected Female Soldiers Getting Fragged in Theater, Cover-up Suspected. by W.F. Price on February 8, 2011. As President Obama and the military make moves to,…in the work place is illegal? The seriousness of this problem is obvious to any thinking person. When the military, police and security guard can not be trusted the entire national defence is in danger. See the following link…Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops…  Often,”false reports” are made to cover-up “fragging,” harassment and hazing. A false report in the military, police, and security is so serious that all persons engaged in the cover-up, or obfuscation should be terminated immediately if proper determination of illegal conduct is lawfully determined…See link:  Controlled Offensive Behavior – USSR, which was prepared for the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency: Termination of management, and Human Resource personnel must be considered because it should be their job to know of, and prevent criminal activity in the work place. That includes the making of a false report. You see, the US Courts and politicians are now actively disregarding all common sense and logic.  Washington politicians like to tell the world’s population what to do, but they do not think clearly. Yes, emotions can be strong in such cases, because the danger to national security is certain.

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