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January 1, 2012 / adgerellis

Fairness in Compensation and The Glass Ceiling. PART 2

FAIRNESS IN COMPENSATION COMMISSION…FAIRNESS COMMISSION SPECIAL REPORT – THE SCIENCE OF POVERTY…  In the United States many workers do not know who their friends are. (“Formally, [Scott L.] Feld assumes that a social network is represented by an undirected graph {{{1}}}, where the set V of vertices corresponds to the people in the social network, and the set E of edges corresponds to the friendship relation between pairs of people. That is, he assumes that friendship is a symmetric relation: if X is a friend of Y, then Y is a friend of X. He models the average number of friends of a person in the social network as the average of the degrees of the vertices in the graph. That is, if vertex v has d(v) edges touching it (representing a person who has d(v) friends), then the average number μ of friends of a random person in the graph is

\mu=\frac{\sum_{v\in V} d(v)}{|V|}=\frac{2|E|}{|V|}.

The average number of friends that a typical friend has can be modeled by choosing, uniformly at random, an edge of the graph (representing a pair of friends) and an endpoint of that edge (one of the friends), and again calculating the degree of the selected endpoint. That is, mathematically, it is

\frac{\sum_{uv\in E} d(v)^2}{2|E|}=\mu + \frac{\sigma^2}{\mu},

where  {\sigma}^{2} is the variance of the degrees in the graph. For a graph that has vertices of varying degrees (as is typical for social networks), both μ and  {\sigma}^{2}  are positive, which implies that the average degree of a friend is strictly greater than the average degree of a random node.” from Wikipedia. “Friendship paradox”…  And, as if by some magical acts, through contagion, money of rich people with rub off on the poor if the minimum wage worker, or unskilled worker will just think happy thoughts, and look for  “the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” It could happen, but that is not very likely. And, just hard work, long hours and showing up on time is not likely to work  either to find that “castle in the sky.” If American workers do not know that generally, with few exceptions, rich people to not care a pig’s ass how hard you work, or even if you show up to work on time. There are millions, upon millions of unskilled workers who can do low paying jobs, and as for being a “good-natured” employee, polite and differential to management, your bosses are just as likely to laugh at you and fire you “on account.” ( “Horrible Bosses”, …see motion picture site… Just for example, to put fear into other employee to grovel even lower, and “spread-eagle” on the floor begging them to keep your job, “as above, so below” (Ha ! Ha !), you get fired anyway. No union, no job ! Grovel ! Grovel ! And, if you are especially good at begging to keep your job, the rich and your boss might use you for a floor-mat and walk all over you giggling at the fool on the floor. You! ( Senegal: Protect Children from Forced Begging…Go to link – Generally, the older managers have retried. The new kids with their Management Training Certificates, and MBAs are sometimes arrogant ignoramuses who have no idea how the real world works. They are historically clueless fools who seem to think the world will run like the text books, and the way teacher said. Here is a shock for them if there is a World War Three! They are toast!… See link:  “political analyst says Russia and China consider a US military action on Iran as an attack on their own borders and a threat to their own national security.” Go to the following link for the full story..   And, their MBA is just so much waste paper…Please try to understand.  Not young people being a political, social and economic problem, but all “Ignoramuse”[s*] of any age who have no idea what has happen in the past, and what can happen again in our own “his-story.” Should We Have Nuremberg Trials for American NeoCons Now……? “NeoCons,” are not “new conservatives,” but old “reactionaries.” (Qui facit per alium facit per se ! L-O-L)  As far as some of the kids are concerned, the social upheavals after World War One, the Great Depression of the 1930s, World War Two, the organized union labour movement, the Korean “Police Action,” are emotionally irrelevant (Ha!),  the kids might think ! Vietnam and the social chaos of the civil rights social transition are just fictional stories, NOT ! This is not a plea for social riot, nor to insult the kids who try to understand that things are different now that China makes most of America’s products. First, and foremost, all the labour laws in the world will not help workers if the labour laws are not enforced. Just do not vote for any politician who will not enforce the labour laws. [*”Ignoramus” is a college farce, a 1615 academic play by George Ruggle. Written in Latin, it was arguably the most famous and influential academic play of English Renaissance drama. Wikipedia]

Secondly, remember who your opponents are. Who is the opposition and your adversary. That goes for the people in Human Resource. They are not your friend, even if you know them. They work for management, that is their job. Do not let the politicians get into office on a promise. Look at the politicians political recorded. This will only take a few minutes of your time. See, and find out how your favorite politician voted on labour and social issues. See the following link for information on Human Resource Department’s…Paradox, A most Ingenious Paradox…– (EROTIC MOTIVATIONAL RESEARCH) « adgerellis  Oct 5, 2011 – EMR– (EROTIC MOTIVATIONAL RESEARCH). MARIHUANA TAX AND CONTROL. PARADOX, A MOST INGENIOUS PARADOX. Click here to

Thirdly, there are people in government and education who are pro-labour, pro-union, and pro-progressive economics. It is up to you, if you want to keep your job, and look for a pay raise to be educated to some extent on economics, or at any rate, the economist names who are pro-labour. For example, Professor George Irvin. Go on look at his website, and “drop his name” the next time the economy comes up in a conversation with your Neo-Con opponents.  George Irvin * —– Economics Home Page ECONOMICS LINKS, Institute of Social Studies · What do we mean by wealth? (U of Sussex, 2006) · Lindsay …On 30 November, like thousands of others, I was out marching under a trade union banner in London because I believe that ordinary workers, whether in the public or private sector, should not have to pay for the costs of the financial and economic crisis….

Forth, find out how much your boss’s and management make for the work they do, in comparison to how much you make. There are now new laws-on-the-books about the ratio between your boss’s take-home-pay, and what money you take home…. Why Greater Equality Strengthens Society – Agence Global – See link… – Progressive tax rates up to 50 percent on income over $250000? ….. the mandatory disclosure of corporate pay gaps that progressives have …”The Absence of Cross-Cultural Communication: SEC Mandatory Disclosure and Foreign Corporate Governance”…

NOTE: “List of countries by the number of US dollar billionaires,” see…

Now, truly without sarcasm, if things do not go well in the world’s economy and this is said with deep regret, maybe some of the world’s billionaires should have some of their wealth confiscated for the “common good” of the world’s people. A “nominal” billionaires tax sound good, maybe to the poor and destitute.

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