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January 7, 2012 / adgerellis


The African, and Spiritual, Origins of Carnival

 The African, and Spiritual, Origins of Carnival. By Grisso*.  It has become the received teaching in all the countries of the New World where Carnival has become
Brazilian Carnaval – Rio de Janeiro  …
>>>>NOT Reo, this is “Hair Rules” for women in uniform.
“You men are all a like, exploiting women as ‘sex’ objects”……1942 motion picture,  George Murphy, Judy Garland, Gene Kelly– For Me and My Gal. Notice Judy Garland in uniform.   The small two-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago and the city of Port of Spain has its own “Carnival.” Click here for video of real adult fun, and  please remember this is a “catharsis,” as “Street Theater” and a public “psycho-drama,”  much like the more passive Fifth Avenue “Easter Parade” or even a sports and religious pageant to celebrate the New Year. Tis a release of stress and get ready for serious business of “common every day life for the rest of the year …
Carnivals”origin seems to be uncertain. However, most likely that idea is a “Universal Rite-of-Spring” and has many different centers of invention all over the world and on every continent.  Carnevale in ItalyItaly’s Carnival Celebrations in Venice, Viareggio

 Italy has many carnevale celebrations, but Venice, Viareggio, and Cento hold the Venice’s Carnival season starts about 2 weeks before the date of Carnevale. Now, this must be said when dealing with some North Americans, and it is generally fair to categorize many Americans as “resolute prigs.”
This monumental prudery in psychoanalysis comes from “arrested infantile emotions,” and to add an extra-excitement to the mix for the emotionally retarded, mostly likely a voyeuristic ‘latent’ or even “covert-painic” stricken with self-loathing female and male fear of their own suspected homosexuality. There is nothing particularly homosexual in a female  breast-feeding her female baby or a male peeing in the bushes with other males, but the emotional arrested persons “see,” (read, thinks) deviant behavior in every thing. There is an anecdote in Freudian psychology, sorry no citation, that if a child sees adults copulating, the child can misunderstand the action as fighting as in a violent altercation. They, the winder and complainer, the “killjoy,” the emotionally fridge and sexually impotent see a reflection of what they would secretly like to do, “pee” in public or “dis-robe,” as in change clothes, but do not have the courage or psychic strength to do. The previous statements are all good psychological interpretation of the actions described. NOTE: the following is only fictional and fantastic speculation and certainly not to be taken seriously. Now, as a phantasy “thought-experiment,” lets say a really smart homosexual laboratory technician was “jilted” in an un-requited love affair and decided as revenge on humanity for being unloved invented and spread the disease of AIDS though all society. ‘That’ll teach them to reject my love!” Ha! Ha! Ha! Point that is trying to be made, whether fundamentalist Christian, Taliban, or al-Qaeda is, that the real word has moved far  beyond the fundamentalist religious belief system. Many people in the United States mock the burka… But, would the clothing of an extreme fundamentalist male be anymore acceptable?……No! There is no intention of mockery here, the whole point is who cares what a person wears? Who knows what our hypothetical homosexual lover hides in his pants?…ECONOMY BOOMS ! SEXY !  PART 3…  As in the motion picture, The 12 Monkeys….Twelve Monkeys (1995) – IMDb  In a future world devastated by disease, a convict is sent back in time to gather information about the man-made virus that wiped out most of the human… Christian now, in some fundamentalist denominations seems to be trying to “out-do” Taliban, or al-Qaeda in their “Nuvo-Victorianism.” Christian when a male and female worry about their genitals, the good Moslem  maybe thinking about…Virgins? What virgins?… Christian, you can’t win against Islam by a promise of St. Gabriel on a cloud with a harp all praising “God-to-the-Highest.” However, a big hint from the movie, “The 12 Monkeys.”  The giant Corporation Monsanto, will give you an idea how far Christianity and Islam having fallen behind the “fictitious corporate person,” that the corporation as a fictitious person has no chance of going to heaven, but still likes to play god with their genetic modified organism. “GMO” for short. Go on Christian, you worry about Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction……..…or whether woman should brest-feed their babies in public…. More important to worry about is what will come out of science laboratories…

Lesbian Couple Giving Boy Hormone Blocker Treatment – YouTube

Oct 18, 2011 – 13 min – Uploaded by noneedforawoman A lesbian couple in California say their 11-year-old son Tommy who wants to be  a girl The doctors who

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