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January 10, 2012 / adgerellis

Them! And the Others.Cliques !

Them ! …””Cliques are distinguished from “crowds” in that their members interact with one another (e.g., hang out together, go shopping, play basketball). Crowds, on the other hand, are defined reputationally. Although the word ‘clique’ or ‘cliquey’ is often used in day-to-day conversation to describe relational aggression or snarky, gossipy behavior of groups of socially dominant teenage girls (‘queen bees’) this is not scientifically accurate. Interacting with cliques is part of normative social development regardless of gender, ethnicity, or “popularity.” Although cliques are most commonly studied during adolescence and middle childhood, they exist in all age groups…Article from Wikipedia. Insiders and Outsiders

Part One: Insiders And Outsiders In Washington. …. of the insiders, there is no
concern whatsoever for others, at least those outside of the clique. This
situation is another example of the insider/outsider dichotomy I discussed in my
last article.

“City Folk  vs  Country Folk,”  has a long history of “Insider/Outsider” humor. …”Plain and Fancy,” is a musical comedy about the great divide between city people and country people. From Wikipedia comes the following show’s plot summary…”New York City sophisticates Dan King and Ruth Winters travel to Bird-in-Hand in the Amish country of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to sell a piece of property to Jacob Yoder, who intends to present it to his daughter Katie and her intended Ezra as a wedding gift. While there, they become involved with the local villagers, including Hilda Miller, who mistakes Dan’s kindness for romantic overtures, and Ezra’s banished brother Peter, who returns to claim the hand of his childhood sweetheart – Katie……One of the hit songs from the musical show is called…”City Mouse, Country Mouse.”…,,146913-1107245,00.html  “Once upon a time there was a country mouse, Paid a visit to her relative the city mouse, But she didn’t care a bit for her city mouse, And her heart was full of pity for the city mouse. I fell the same as she -A city mouse I’d never want to be!”…,+Country+Mouse,+song+from+%22Plain+and+Fancy.%22&source=bl&ots=-b-_WV6yh2&sig=59Mgk2-r6vcRl3Dr5voFgugD9hw&hl=en#v=onepage&q&f=false… The sad part for romantics of all stripes, and with deep respect for the Amish and Mennonite agrarian way of life, almost the Jeffersonian idea of a nation of small farmers, science and giant agri-business have  badly poisoned American Farming. The fault and failure is not science and technology, but human “greed” and ignorance. Probably, to sum the idea to a “monism,” just one idea to make it easy to solve this problem of businesses abuse of science and technology and the “greed” that comes from this is, “ignorance of the unintended consequences.”  Like a “cascading effect,” as in a “ripple effect” like a stone thrown in a pond. The effect not only spreads out across the water and the world, making little waves, but also when the ripple hits the edge of the pond, or the limits of “reality,” the small wave balance’s back to the center where the ripple originally came from. This analogy is a real experiment. This is so common a reality, that no further explanation should be needed, unless ideology, dogma or out of touch with reality, as in mental illness is involved. Now, as in other post, this is not an attack on religion, but a plea for religious people to stop relying on religion to solve all personal, social, and economic problems. In some interpretations of theology of all religions, to deliberately ignore reality, or as some religious people might put it, “to tempt God,” to deliberately put your self or other people in harm’s way, with full knowledge of the consequences, just for your own, to use the psychological words, “passive-aggression,” ….Passive-Aggression | Psychology Today

 Passive-aggression is frustrating to its targets, since it’s not as easily identifiable—or unacceptable—as, say, socking someone in the jaw would be…,…just to see if “God” will intervene, in other words to “tease” and “bait God” is a sin, a religious crime and a blasphemy. Fundamentals Christian, extreme Moslems, or even Shinto and Wiccan, generally, to be indifferent to crimes, torture, and abuse of children, babies, murder of handicap and disabled,  killing the very old decrepit people, and killing pregnant women, indifference is a sin and a religious crime of omission. Especially now, the religious person can not be indifferent to science and technologies’ effect on people and society, and still call themselves a “religious” person, unless they are of “demonic” sinister side of their religion. Evil, can be just indifference to other people’s pain and suffering. Are you a religious  person on the demonic sinister evil side of you religion?…GM Files: GM Corn to Make Men Sterile Already a Reality

 Mar 6, 2008 – GM Files: GM Corn to Make Men Sterile Already a Reality …. or in tetanus vaccines which  would cause abortions in South and Central America …As bad as this news is, there is worse news yet to come.  Corn, sacred in Mexico and Central America as the very staff of life, has been turned into the very end of life.  Genetic modification of corn has turned the Mexo American giver of life into the stuff that can end a race – perhaps the human race – by engendering sterility in males who eat it…  Genetically Modified Foods May Cause Long-Term Sterility | Inhabitots…Jun 1, 2010 – If you want healthy grandchildren it may be wise to avoid GMO (genetically modified organism) food …GMO’s cause INFERTILITY – a form of POPULATION CONTROL GMO’s cause INFERTILITY – a form of POPULATION CONTROL News Mice eating GM corn for the long term had fewer, and smaller, babies



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