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January 11, 2012 / adgerellis

Them! And the Others.Cliques ! PART 2

Philadelphia’s second-oldest television station signed on the air on September 10, 1947 as WFIL-TV. It was owned originally by Triangle Publications, publishers of The Philadelphia Inquirer, along with WFIL radio (560 AM) aM (102.1 )< Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper building was for a long time part of the logo for the Philadelphia television station WFIL…   Also, when the television station went off the air and stopped broadcasting, the television station would show a native American in full war feathers as a test pattern……Musical tastes of nations change over time. Sometimes, the change in a nations music is sudden, and what one generation found daring and exciting, future generations find laughable, and even boring. And, so “The March of Time.” Ha! Ha, L-O-L! Again, and again see video only if the link stays-up, click, click…  …Nancy Lewis & Paul Whiteman – The Broadcast Pioneers of WFIL-TV 1949. The first Philadelphia TV personality to host a network television show spotlighting area teenagers was bandleader turned disc jockey Paul…The first Philadelphia TV personality to host a network television show spotlighting area teenagers was bandleader turned disc jockey Paul Whiteman. He was dubbed the King of Jazz in the twenties and had the most popular band of that era. Starting on April 2, 1949, Whiteman asked Philadelphia teenagers to a Saturday evening dance and talent show. It was called “Paul Whiteman’s TV Teen Club,” which was originated by WFIL-TV, Channel 6 in Philadelphia. The program was also aired over the ABC-TV network. Whiteman was the network’s Vice-President in charge of music. One of the accusations against Paul Whitemann was that, “He stole his best ‘stuff’ from black people,” and the rest of his music was “out-of-date,” even for 1949. However, as Vice-President in charge of music at WFIL-TV, Paul Whiteman and his orchestra had a great influence on the kind of music that was heard in the Philadelphia area…Now, if the link will just stay-up, what do you think? Opinion, please, about Paul Whiteman’s music… If Paul Whiteman had any choice in choosing what motion pictures were bought by WFIL-TV is anybody’s guess. Nevertheless, whoever bought the films, and this is no mockery or “put-down, but for all the romantics in the Philadelphia area and old European nostalgia still the memories of World War Two only a few years past, operetta was often shown on late at night TV. “Rose-Marie “- Indian Love Call I … Probably, “The Student Prince,” would be a better example of  Old European Nostalgia.” Once again, there must be apologies if the link is not there when you click on it… So, what effete, or hint of homosexuality do you find in these operettas?


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