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January 12, 2012 / adgerellis

Them! And the Others.Cliques ! PART 3

Hip-Hop,” Rap, Grunge, Punk, Rock’n’ Roll and naturally “Rhythm & Blues,” were all at one time counter-culture. Now, some middle-class people, (Ha!), “bourgeoisie,” not only like what was “counter-culture” music, but encourage those genres. No! This is not an anti-Rap, anti-Punk rant. Any type of music is “good” if the listener likes that kind of music. So far from musical censorship, that it should be a crime, (misdemeanor)  to censor, or prevent a person from listening or playing any kind of music that makes them happy… Any music that makes a person happy, is good music. The idea that music is good for the “soul” is so ancient that the idea goes back to the beginnings of recorded history. “By Hecta,” this blog does not promote scientific reductionism. Nevertheless, we are in body, a container of water and chemical. That is empirical, consensus reality. Happy Hormones…Your two happy hormones are Serotonin, which is produced during the day and If you are happy during the day and sleep sound at night, then your happy First, the natural way to control serotonin is make sure your adrenals, liver and…”Be Happy, Don’t Worry”…Hormones that make you happy | 2KnowMySelf  Can hormones make you happy? The feelings we experience are nothing more than chemical reactions taking place inside our bodies. Each and every emotion Never “put-down” another person’s likes in music.  Allegory! “Just-So,” stories are a good way to prove an argument  if the person you are talking to has “discernment.” That is if you think they can understand an allegory. Animated cartoon, from the motion picture “Anchors Aweigh” has been put on this blog before. But ,the link was broken. Naturally, this is suspicious. Maybe, not copyright infringement is the issue, but the knowledge that music is “Good for Body and Soil.” So, that was probably done not because of any copyright infringement. The animated cartoon was not imbedded in the blog, but just a hyper-link. That is “fair use,” as the website is already “up” for anybody to see. So, here we go again if the link holds. Click, if you think that you have “discernment”… There is one small “principle exceptio,”…NEWS RELEASE – Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz Choosing to be a Mar 1, 2007 – “Da Vinci mastered mathematics and music theory,” click on link.. First, Dr. Horowitz deserves your respect just because he is a doctor. Secondly, no way do you have to accept and believe anything that Doctor Horowitz writes, but he has interesting ideas. His ideas should be thoughtfully considered as any new idea should…   ” יהיה לך לשנות אותו, “את חזון רווחים?

Americans for the most part, have “historical amnesia.” Every part of American history has had its “bad” times. What goes on today, political criminals, honorable wars, and violent people are nothing new.  But, lets stay with the ideas in this series of blogs, “Musical Comedy.” Publically, “Romanic Musical Comedy” is all “light-and-Fluffy.” The following film clip is almost like a “Peeping-Tom” in the “chorus girls” dressing room. Notice no psychotic Pollyanna there. Reality is what went on back stage, not what went on stage, “-curtain-front.”  Now, you can eavesdrop as a ‘Peeping-Tom’ on what the “chorus girls” really think about some men in the audience. Click here… Now, that you know something of what the women are thinking on stage, they present the romantic idealization of feminine beauty…All “make-believe,” just a “soft” silly story to escape the real problems of life, again if the link holds… And, dear, dear Fanny Brice, explains in a song the choice to be made by a young women in the year 1938,  “I Was A Floradora Baby”…<



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