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January 13, 2012 / adgerellis

YOU ! You ! You ! Nobody Else But You.

Chris Brown – You  (…No intention to violate copyright. Just a good song, refered by hyperlink. Not embedded, but feel free, if link is broken to go to the original website by search engine. Click……)…Educated People vs. Government,  Click here for original post…

“Alexis de Tocqueville has been said to have written, in translation,  “Every country has the government it deserves.”  There are various forms of this quote, “In a democracy, people get the government that they deserve,” and “People will always elect the government they deserve.”=>  <

Joseph de Maistre is probably the real author of the above quote. Whatever, Wilhelm Reich in his comment on pathological government actions would probably agree with the quote.  Who said, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely   Who said, Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,  JFK, Lord Acton, Winston Churchill, or Richard Nixon? – trivia question  …John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton – Wikipedia, the free Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority,,_1st_Baron_Acton  That is not some cute old fashion idea, but it is a historical axiom, -a truism. As any historical fact can be, it is a truism, that “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely !” Be forewarned. No excuses Mr. American Narcissus and Ms. American Narcissus. By what right does anybody have to give such warning as a foreboding? No more right than a person who see’s a fire has a right to shout, “FIRE!.” To to testify to anybody who will listen if they see an automobile crash and make a report. Do you follow the reasoning? Probably not, hence the despair of an empty warning. Self-esteem is generally a good thing. That said, you must decide when self-interest becomes criminal, or unethical. There is no shame here, for this blog promotes what is felt to be real “liberalism” and true “progressivism.” This is not to promote “crazy people,” much like extreme religious fundamentalist whose ideals and “romantic thinking” are so unrealistic as to try bring “heaven-down-to earth!” Not all “liberals” and “progressives” are tax and spend crazy. There is a pragmatic liberalism and a financially responsible progressivism. Nevertheless, the “Law and Order” people seem to be absent when the national debt panic steals money from the Social Security Trust Fund. The “fiscal conservatives” are silent when their friends (,read cronies) are caught  signing fraudulent documents and making false reports. That goes for our national security also, as you know that all the laws in the world will not protect anybody from anything if the laws are not equally enforced with common sense and with “intention of justice.” This is hardly a new idea, but something strange is happening in the United State. All the new National Security Laws are unnecessary because there are adequate laws and statues already for any conceivable national emergency.  Again, this is not a revelation, but is explicitly in print, or all over the World Wide Web, that something very sinister is happening in a NAZI, fascist authoritarian tyrannical dictatorship way in the United States. That “run-on sentence” is a deliberate attempt to be humorous about what apparently is a very serious concern. All the new national security laws are just not needed as “mission creep”will attest!..Mission creepDefinition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster noun. Definition of MISSION CREEP. : the gradual broadening of the original objectives of a mission or organization. First Known Use of MISSION CREEP. 1991 STUPID NEWS… 

Where is the United States military? Where is the Justice Department? Where are all the security and defence committees in the United States Congress? And, now that we are looking for the disappearance of constitutional government, where are the Bank Examiners ? (What is Bank Examiner? definition and meaning…  Bank Examiner – definition of Bank Examiner – Individual who reviews a bank’s operations, such as lending policies, guidelines, and practices. Such examiners  Where is the Securities and Exchange Commission ?…U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (Home Page)  U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission: official Federal Agency website, including news, legal and other releases and reports, investor education material,  …

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Where are the…Certified Public Accountant – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ?  Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is the statutory title of qualified accountants in the United States who have passed the Uniform Certified Public Accountant  …all whom are being paid to stop fraud and  embezzlement legal definition of embezzlement. embezzlement The fraudulent conversion of another’s property by a person who is in a position of trust, such as an agent or employee. Embezzlement is distinguished from…?  Now, for a little abstract reasoning. “Bill of Rights” in the United States Constitution makes possible the “Fee Market,” Banking and Stock Exchange, not the other-way-around! The “Free Market,” Banking and Stock Exchange did not create the “Bill of Rights.” Lets do a “Thought-Experiment.” Lets imagine what the United States Banking System, Stock Market, and Justice Department would be like if the “Obligations of  Contract ” …  was removed from government regulation.

In the United States today, there seems to be a spiteful meanness on the part of the neocons and some hysterics  who  will not concede that President Obama  has been elected President of the United States. This mental illness, a rejection of an accomplished fact (fait accompli), could develop in to a serious social-pathology… Social pathology | Define Social pathology at  a social factor, as poverty, old age, or crime, that tends to increase social disorganization and inhibit personal adjustment. 2. the study of such factors and the  Social-pathology goes in many cases with extreme sadistic religiousness…” Why blame President Obama for anything, whether the bad economy, or social problem?…Nobody Else But You (A goofy Movie)  …(Nobody Else But You (A goofy Movie)  …  Now, stand in front of a mirror and take a good look at the cause of your economic and social problems… …Ha! Ha! Mr. American Narcissus…   Ms. American Narcissus,…… look into a mirror and fall in love with yourself…The Ames BrothersYou, You, You  … For more information on self-love, see MGM Musical, “How To Succeed  In Business Without Really Trying”……I Believe in you.. America’s economic and social problems are psychological, and personal, especially if you are a college graduate, or still in college. Sorry, if the ‘Reality-of-Being”in this world is to much of a burden for you…(Weltschmerz – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Weltschmerz is a term coined by the German author  Jean Paul and denotes the kind of feeling experienced by someone who understands that physical reality ), but every generation has had serious economic and social problems. As a senior citizen once said as a macabre joke, “You will never get out of this world alive.” That joke has a double meaning. Think about it!…ALLEGORY FOR A CLUELESS PSYCHOTIC VAMPIRE PART 1…  …Tax Yin. Tax Yang… “Welt-mude,”… May 26, 2010 – translations: welt (world) schmerz (pain) and lebens (living) müde (tired) Literally “leben” means “to live” and “mude” means “tired”.  Sometimes “world weary” is also defined as “bored with the world” which makes the …. English dictionary is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (Wikipedia). 1937,..”Johnny One Note” (Bobby Goday) Bluebird Records. The lyrics say, “Ahhh!” The mind says, “Me!” Click here… 

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