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January 15, 2012 / adgerellis

Wretched Poor, or The Victims, “Les Misérables.”

“Cnut !”…Cnut the Great…King Canute the Great “Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings. claimed he was “So great, he could command the tides of the sea to go back”.  Svein Forkbeard’s sister and his brother-in-law, Pallig, were amongst those had been created to defend southern England against The Danelaw Vikings, and vice versa. Put aside all your Western knowledge and your prejudice, and do what yoga ….. It is characteristic that the tantric Buddhism of Tibet teaches that the yogi has to …… that connects the tongue with the lower part of the mouth [the froenum lignum]. The Etymology of Sexual  Slang – Take Our Word for It  Jan 23, 2010 – Pussy as a slang term for the female pudenda is thought to derive A reader has asked about the word cunt, wondering if it had By the way, no connection has been made between the Germanic words and Latin cunnus.

Spells & Chants

We must take care of her. Hey, yona, ho yona, hey yon, yon. Hey, yona, ho yona, hey yon, yon. Her sacred ground we walk upon. With every step we take – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yoni (Sanskrit: योनि yoni) is the Sanskrit word for the vagina. In the Thai language the sharp corner of the eye closest to the nose is referred to as “Yoni Tha”  बलि – भारतकोश, ज्ञान का हिन्दी महासागर

 11 जुलाई 2011 – इंद्र ने एक शून्य घर में गर्दभ योनि में बलि को देखा। वैभव, शक्ति, छत्र, चंवर तथा ब्रह्मा की दी हुई माला के अधिपति रहने के उपरांत इस निरीह योनि में उन सब तत्त्वों से विहीन होकर उसे कैसा लग रहा है? उस योनि को प्राप्त कर बलि इनमें से किसी का भी निर्वाह करने में समर्थ नहीं था।<.

.  <-“Hey! Yony, Yony!” …योनि, योनि, योनि. “Fracking thespian ! [ˈθɛspɪən]” Oh, Yoni, Yoni !… …->Jesus must have knownabout the… rebirthing ceremony as a rabbi, wise man (, read philosopher ) and wonder-worker (,read Magian) as the rite-of-rebirth was common practice through-out the ancient times. The only people who stay in ignorance are religious fundamentals of all kinds, whether Islamic, Christian or many of the other monotheistic beliefs, unless, and this is a real possiblity, but only speculation, if the rebirthing ritual is a secret and not to be publicly known. If the rebirthing rite is a tabu in any of the heterodox monotheistic faiths then obviously there is no way to know. Except as we now know by comparative religions, anthropology, and cultural sociology…Ostara: Customs, Spells & Rituals for the Rites of Spring – Google Books ResultEdain McCoy – 2002 – Body, Mind & Spirit – 198 pages You are about to enter the rebirthing phase. Your soul-mind, the eternal part of your being, is mulling over all that has been learned during the winter slumber  Greeks, Romans, and many other pagans used the fish symbol before Christians. Hence the fish, unlike, say, the cross, attracted little suspicion, making it a perfect secret symbol for persecuted believers. So the early Christians made practical use of this symbol for practical convenience. It is somewhat similar to the use in our days of bumper-sticker and business-card practice to be recognised by strangers, although we are not yet under persecution…Attribution from this website…

Cicero’s letters – Ancient Roman Empire Forums Mar 24, 2007 – Only six months ago, I didn’t even know there was such thing as Cicero’s letters, but at the moment I am postively obsessed about them. I find them  Cicero’s letters[citation needed] confirm once again its obscene status. Cicero writes:

“. . . cum autem nobis non dicitur, sed nobiscum? quia si ita diceretur, obscaenius concurrerent litterae.

(“We don’t say cum nobis [“with us”], but rather nobiscum; if we said it the other way, the letters would run together in a rather obscene way.”)”

Because the /m/ of cum assimilates to the /n/ of nobis, and because the accent was weaker in Latin than in English, cum nobis (although stressed on the middle syllable) sounds very similar to cunno bis (stressed on the first syllable), meaning “in/from/with a cunt twice”.


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