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January 18, 2012 / adgerellis

Islam’s Fatwa On Terrorism – “It” (The Desert Song)

Al-Qaeda and the Taliban have gone far from Islam to do harm to people and their property. Ayatollah  Seyed Ali Hoseyni Khāmene’i (Persian: سید علی حسینی خامنه‌ای, issued a Fatwa on Terrorism, now please suspend any prejudice for a second and read,.. Blaspheming the Holy Book. or Allah are all crimes under Sharia Law: The code of conduct enjoined upon Muslims.  And, even “Musical Comedy” is a crime under extreme Sharia Law. Here is an example that might come before a Sharia Law Court for you to click on, if you don’t know already…Sigmund Romberg’s – “It” (The Desert Song) link… So, by some accident, an unforeseen event, you are under Sharia Law and alone with a woman in the big wide desert. Do you have any emotions with the young woman so near? “Sand, kissing a moon lit sky…” (->Naturally, only if the link holds.)…

RUSSIA: Attack on Tehran is an Attack on Moscow,… Now, what has Russia coming to the defense of Iran got to do with “Musical Comedy?” The answer: nothing directly! Since this series of posts are about musicals, and almost all these blogs are about psychology the tie in is “War Musicals.” This blog is anti-war, anti-violence, but pro-self defence and pro-military (, even, pro-military advanced weapons system, in proto-type at any rate). There is no contradiction for a limited military, and a National Guard for North American defence. That is self-evident, that the world is a dangerous place. After the surprise attacks of Pearl Harbor and 9/11 any argument against national self-defense is foolish and disingenuous. This blog is pro-Israeli self-defense. As in the previous sentence, every nation-state has the obligation to protect its self-interests and citizens from aggressive antagonist. That is obvious and beyond dispute, because survival is a “natural right”of nations and individual people. A person and a nation has a right to defend its self anyway it can, even “extraordinary” actions within the limits of ‘International Law,” and “rational argument.” Genocide, and “Mutual Assured Destruction,” and “Doomsday” weapons are beyond rational argument, as if everybody and everything was destroyed there would be no humans in any condition to argue anything. To say nothing, if the antagonist believe in any transcendent reality, for example, “Heaven, Hell, Nirvana, Bardo Thodol, purgatory” etc.  A “Götterdämmerung” holocaust type “Doomsday” weapon is a crime of “transcendent” action and the ULTIMATE BLASPHEME against “Devine Providence” and all creation of such heinous proportions to kill innocents and helpless beings, animal and human, who have no part in any dispute is insane egotistic vanity of anti-life proportions…<

Hezbollah[1] (Arabic: حزب الله‎ ḥizbu-llāh(i), literally “Party of God”) is a Shi’a Muslim militant group and political party based in Lebanon. Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Hezbollah in one form or another  have always existed, and are not particularly new. “The Riff Song” (1926) from Sigmund Romberg’s operetta The Desert Song…click here for link… Riffians and proud ريافة و نفتخر – Infos | Facebook The Riffians are a Berber people who inhabit the Rif in northern Morocco. T… Plus. The Riffians are a Berber people who inhabit the Rif in northern Morocco “Stout Hearted Men” Nelson Eddy (New Moon 1940)… Please! Please, there is absolutely no intention to violate any copyright,… that is why an open link is use for anyone on the internet to go to the following website…Kent State massacre, Ohio National Guard shooting students…(Don’t be anxious just because you see a full orchestra.) Give a few minutes to hear and listen to what the actors are singing, -not Rap, Hip-Hop or Punk but, …Rebellion nevertheless. Fight-for-your-rights with music and song the spirit of voice is for justice and strong…

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