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January 23, 2012 / adgerellis

Awake! ὕβρις! PART 2

“Be fruity and multiply and inherit the earth.” Alternate translations…

כח  וַיְבָרֶךְ אֹתָם, אֱלֹהִים, וַיֹּאמֶר לָהֶם אֱלֹהִים פְּרוּ וּרְבוּ וּמִלְאוּ אֶת-הָאָרֶץ, וְכִבְשֻׁהָ; וּרְדוּ בִּדְגַת הַיָּם, וּבְעוֹף הַשָּׁמַיִם, וּבְכָל-חַיָּה, הָרֹמֶשֶׂת עַל-הָאָרֶץ. 28 And God blessed them; and God said unto them: ‘Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and“Be fruity and multiply and inherit the earth.” Alternate translations… subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that creepeth upon the earth.’

*HUBRIS!* Ancient Greek origin of “ὕβρις.”

Hubris, in ancient Greece not only had the definition of a type of blaspheme, that is to taunt, and attempt to provoke and tease the gods, but also meant boy rape by an older man. The connection should be obvious. For an older man to take advantage of a young child sexually is in fact to provoke the gods to anger, to tempt their vengeance, and action against the one who taunts, teases and bully’s a person weaker, innocent and  more childlike than themselves. As has been said, “The Greeks have a word for it.” The following is from Wikipedia…”In ancient Greek, hubris (ancient Greek ὕβρις) referred to actions that shamed and humiliated the victim for the pleasure or gratification of the abuser.[1] The term had a strong sexual connotation, and the shame reflected on the perpetrator as well. It was most evident in the public and private actions of the powerful and rich. The word was also used to describe actions of those who challenged the gods or their laws, especially in Greek tragedy, resulting in the protagonist‘s fall… That said, at this time this blog will not deal with true “love” between an adult and a child because the subject is extremely complicated and really needs the expert opinion of book length dimensions, not some short blog blurb. This is especially true, for anyone who knows ancient Greek mythology. The gods were not beyond reproach when the subject of forced sexual attention is broached. As in the sexual hubris of all people’s, both female and male’s …

“Anima and Animus.” Hubris | Define Hubris at  Hubris definition at, a free online dictionary with  Hubris greek myth…Hubris  Hubris Definition Find Definitions For Any Word

Anima and animus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  The anima and animus, in Carl Jung’s school of analytical psychology, are the two primary anthropomorphic archetypes of the unconscious mind, as opposed to …The anima and animus are described by Jung as elements of his theory of the collective unconscious, a domain of the unconscious that transcends the personal psyche. In the unconscious of the male, it finds expression as a feminine inner personality: anima; equivalently, in the unconscious of the female it is expressed as a masculine inner personality: animus… Now, for those people who do not have the time to go to all the websites, or listed and read at leisure, a short video will give you a little idea of  Doctor Carl Jung’s thoughts on the depth of our hidden sexuality…(If the link holds)…

CHRISTIAN PORN: VIRGINS, CELIBATE, = EXTINCTION  PART 2…”Violence, generally, against people and property is counter-productive for religious and political causes.  Agitators who do not believe this, let me try to explain. The United States government tried to exterminate the indigenous Native American population. The United States government tried to confine  Native American  populations to what the federal government called, “Indian Territories.” These  territory lands for Native Americans were in fact, “ghettos.” Some, and I do stress, a few people of European ancestry used the excuse of “Social Darwinism” to commit genocide against people of African ancestry in the United States. The United States government, so the persistent rumor goes, has ordered the assassination of people, “domestic and foreign.” I don’t know for sure. How can I? That is not the point of this post. The point of this post is the, “Un-Intended  Consequences” of the persistent rumors and accusations.  Adolf Hitler and fascist  in general, learned of the rumors and accusations of what was reported happening in the United States.  Whether the exact reports were true or not, Hitler and some fascist used the reports as an excuse to form “ghettos,”  harass and kill people who the fascist government deem “undesirable.”…”…Venezuela no utilizó el arma química BZ (= 3-quinuclidinilo (QNB, BZ, EA-2277), el nombre IUPAC 1-azabiciclo [2.2.2] oct-3-ilo, 2-difenil 2-hidroxi-2, . es un militar sin olor agente incapacitante [1] Su código OTAN es BZ … Ver enlace: contra deminsators, como también ahora la noticia afirma ‘Siria y Ucrania no utilizó el arma química que funciona como un hallucinagen parecerse un “LSD” … = dietilamida del ácido lisérgico … Ver enlace:

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