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January 23, 2012 / adgerellis

Vulture Capitalist: کالج, کالج, دانشگاه !

علم ، فناوری، ریاضیات…  Vulture Capitalist…….Isfahan University of Technology

Vulture Capitalism  

 Vulture Capitalist The U.S. is a “consumer society” in which workers must buy and sell to live. Every part of life becomes a commodity, something to be bought …علم ، فناوری، ریاضیات… : Crony Capitalism+Crony Capitalism=>

The REAL Reason the U.S. Wants to Attack Iran,  کالج, کالج, دانشگاه !…علم ، فناوری، ریاضیات

Disturbing images from Iran you rarely see…Library Building Isfahan University of Technology..…مسير آبي پروژه پرتويي‌…مسير آبي پروژه پرتويي‌  :

Democratic Republic of Iran  جمهوری دموکراتیک ایران…  “*Keine Möglichkeit zu wissen, ob der Absturz einer Wahr Zeit-Maschine passiert ist, aber es genügend Indizien gibt, um anzugeben, dass das Roswell, N.M.-Ereignis im Jahr 1947 so geheim war, dass die Entdeckung eine Panik in die United States Military so ernst verursachen, und Änderungshistorie durch Manipulation des Raum-Zeit-Kontinuums durch Ändern der Geschichte der wars.1954 Jahre: US – Krieg-Abteilung Majestic-12-SOM 1-01 Schulungshandbuch Das Heißt… (Tut Mir Leid, stirbt Besonders Wichtig, Web-Link ist Nur in Englischer Sprache)…*”


Iran Colleges and Universities List… of Computer Science, Sharif University of Technology… NOW NOTE-> Reporter Helen Thomas Dead at 92. Reporter of fine honest reporting passed and will not be forgotten. Honesty and truth is still active in America, no matter the many doubts. Blogs like this have vociferously said how difficult President Obama’s job is, especially in matters of national security. There must be a balance between public safety and public disclosure. The “must” word, being “civil unrest” and “lawlessness,” and economic disaster if a national security balance is not kept. That is obvious to anyone with “good intentions” for the United States. However, the “Alphabet Soup” agencies in the United State can not keep a “national security” balance for the “common good” if they, the security agencies keep “second guessing” and are careless with supposed national secrets. For example, (actually, possibly three examples. Maybe, four examples. “AARGH !” Ah, many, far to many examples of poor national security by the “National Security Agencies” could be given, and Helen Thomas could attest if she were still alive. First, Julian Assange leaks. Secondly, Bradley Manning’s leaks. Third, Edward Snowden leaks. Now, ( the big national security issue since the year 1952, invasion of the United States) and the issue of Mr. Gary Mckinnon…see website… “Disclosure,” or  not disclosure ? That is the question. If the National Security Agencies can not keep their secrets, then “yes” there must be “Disclosure.” For another example, and a really good one to search for, “Calling all geeks and Neards…look up this site, (I’m not going to do all the work for you) ! Anyway, in reality you are probably smarter than me…”NASA Admits Alcubierre”…http:// So, all those people who are anti President Obama think deeply and hard about what might be a secret invasion of the United States, maybe even before 1952, all the way back to the year 1847… Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! “You figure it out, smarty !” <<.علم ، فناوری، ریاضیات...,علم ، فناوری، ریاضیات

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