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January 25, 2012 / adgerellis


Freud is Dead:

Ex cathedra! The infallibility of psychological pronouncements…

by JF Kihlstrom – Cited by 1Related articles Oct 21, 2011 – Freudian theory, with its focus on the interpretation of ambiguous events, lies at predicated on the theory, such as transference and catharsis.

“Freud’s cultural influence is based, at least implicitly, on the premise that his theory is scientifically valid. But from a scientific point of view, classical Freudian psychoanalysis is dead as both a theory of the mind and a mode of therapy (Crews, 1998; Macmillan, 1996). No empirical evidence supports any specific proposition of psychoanalytic theory, such as the idea that development proceeds through oral, anal, phallic, and genital stages, or that little boys lust after their mothers and hate and fear their fathers. No empirical evidence indicates that psychoanalysis is more effective, or more efficient, than other forms of psychotherapy, such as systematic desensitization or assertiveness training. No empirical evidence indicates the mechanisms by which psychoanalysis achieves its effects, such as they are, are those specifically predicated on the theory, such as transference and catharsis..…” NO ! Freud’s psychosexual analytical theory is just as valid today as psychoanalysis was when first formulated. “Women’s clitoris, vagina, and cervix mapped on the sensory cortex: fMRI evidence”…  Yes, Behaviorism has contributed a great deal to understanding human behavior. And, yes, the pharmaceutical industry has contributed to the management of  the many symptoms of mental illness. However, almost all humans live in a social context. Though many people behave on an instinctual, animal level that is actually explained by Behaviorism and we certainly are biological beings. To some extent humans are controlled by the chemicals that go through their bodies, all of that can be “over ridden.” Not only do we live in a culture and society that tries to direct our actions, but our past experiences and learned habits are recorded in our

Cerebral cortex

, blood, intestines, and DNA. That is far removed from Behaviorism and pharmaceutical chemicals. Surprise! Surprise! Not only do human’s intestines control behavior, but science has proven beyond reasonable doubt, that the “Amygdala” in the brain….   and the “pineal” gland can bypass the emotional chemicals,… that to a great extent cause us to action, sexual, violent and hysterical behavior. Psychoanalysis not only can be helpful, but can mitigate much of the anti-social, and life treating dangerous behavior. Talk to more than one professional mental health expert before taking behavior modifying drugs. Some drugs can damage the  “AMYGDALA” and the “PINEAL GLAND…“… Venezuela no utilizó el arma química BZ (= 3-quinuclidinilo (QNB, BZ, EA-2277), el nombre IUPAC 1-azabiciclo [2.2.2] oct-3-ilo, 2-difenil 2-hidroxi-2, . es un militar sin olor agente incapacitante [1] Su código OTAN es BZ … Ver enlace: contra deminsators, como también ahora la noticia afirma ‘Syria y el Ukraine no utilizó el arma química que actúa como un hallucinagen parecerse un “LSD” … = dietilamida del ácido lisérgico … Ver enlace: “* 1960 la CIA y los militares comenzaron a paulatinamente sus pruebas internas de ácido a favor de los más poderosos químicos como BZ, que se convirtió en agente incapacitante estándar del ejército. Por este tiempo el superhallucinogen estaba listo para el despliegue de una granada, una bomba de racimo 750 kilos y por lo menos una otra bomba a gran escala. Además el ejército probado un número de otras municiones BZ avanzados, incluyendo cabezas de mortero, artillería y misiles. El superhallucinogen más tarde fue empleado por las tropas americanas como un arma de contrainsurgencia en Vietnam, y según CIA documentos allí pueden ser planes de contingencia para usar el medicamento en caso de una insurrección civil principal. Como mayor General William Creasy advirtió poco después se retiró del cuerpo químico del ejército, “Utilizaremos estas cosas como muy bien queramos, cuando creemos que es en el mejor interés de los Estados Unidos y sus aliados”…*”

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