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January 31, 2012 / adgerellis

Freudian Psychosexuality, Libido and Infantile Behavior

Freudian psychoanalysis will give you deep insight into personal emotional issues, and this is my whole “La conduite de la Raison” for these post, the world’s economic problems.  Auto-biography, as in a personal diary, can be used as evidence in psychoanalysis to at lest begin to understand the motivation of people. EMP=Electro-Magnetic Pulse!  EMP radiation from nuclear space bursts in 1962 – Declassified data   Mar 29, 2006 – Hence, a low yield fission device could easily produce a peak (VHF to UHF) EMP effect on above ground cables similar to the 1962 STARFISH

Electromagnetic Pulse – Nuclear EMP –  In a phenomenon unrelated to the EMP, the radiation cloud from the Starfish Prime test subsequently destroyed at least 5 United States satellites and one Soviet

Starfish Prime: an EMP attack illustrated  Nov 25, 2008 – What is EMP? On July 9, 1962, a  high-altitude nuclear test named Starfish Prime was conducted by the United States military above Johnston

Defend Europe:

Ex-US Army Veteran has a passion for all of Europe. Was stationed in Hanau-am-Main, Hesse…Pioneer Kaserne, Hanau » ARMY KASERNE LOGS, US ARMY   ARMY KASERNE LOGS, US ARMY GERMANY 181 Responses to “Pioneer Kaserne, Hanau I was stationed on Pioneer US Military Base with 56 rpsc from 1964 -1967…   Then I was transferred to US Hutier Base, still in the town of Hanau…..Aussenansicht...

Stealth&covert technology could protect all of Europe without the expense of a large human military force,except to fight an adversary that has countered  stealth technology. “Eye-to eye” combat might be needed when high technology fails. Such, as with a large EMP (Electo-Magnetic-Pulse)… Still, to feel safe psychologically citizens need to see a human military in uniform. Not just robots or war machines.What do you think about “high-tech” war as oppose to hand-to-hand combat in contemporary warfare? Does der Bundeswehr have conscription (draft)or is the Germany military all voluntary like the US military is now. What is better for a nation, an all voluntary military or conscription? I was drafted in 1964, then joined the US Army…I would have enlisted but I disagreed with the US military’s strategy and tactics. I said,”We could bury Vietnam in corn flakes. Less expensive than bombing and fewer people would get killed.” Peace! Virginity and Christianity were both lost my me in Germany. Also, to some extent like a lot of people who lived through President Kennedy’s murder, I lost my trust in the United States government. There was an old song, long before the 1960’s, that when I was sick-in-bed as a child stuck in my mind. 1929 was the year that this song came out, but the year that I heard the song was sometime near the year 1946, so I am not as old as the song! Ha! Ha! Ha! (Keep Your) Sunny Side Up!…click and try to be happy…  This is not a digression, but has to do with being optimistic in times of tragedy. I was really deep in depression being drafted, then joining the US Army, Linden B. Johnson as Commander-In Chief, and the Vietnam War. Everything was all mixed up and crazy. Again, not in chronological order, but a British film came out that I really related to. See, the film “Virgin Soldiers” 1969, go to website to get a good feel of the emotional confusion that I was in…The Virgin Soldiers (1969) – IMDb   A group of young British soldiers live locked up in Singapore of the year 1950 dreaming about winning the love of the daughter of the sergeant of the regiment. Directed by John Dexter. Starring Lynn Redgrave, Hywel Bennett Only a 2 second clip, if the link holds…

the film “Virgin Soldiers” 1969 (2 seconds David Bowie appearance 16, 2009 – 20 sec – Uploaded by nightspeII If you can get hold of a copy of the 1977 sequel, “Stand up Virgin Soldiers” he  has a longer cameo where he

The Germany City of Frankfort-am-Main has at lest two legal brothals that I know of.  Carnival season, or as some German’s call it, “Fashing,…->”Fashing  Fashing in Germany. A celebration starting on the 11th hour of the 11 day of the 11th month,… Fashing  culminates in a country-wide celebration just days before…Cologne 11-11-11  …… And, the “Lovely-Ladies-of-the-Night.”  This is a maybe, on both my mother’s and father’s bloodline I am Native American.  I’ve be told that on my mother side from my grandfather’s side, my gread-gread-gradmother was of the New Jersey Lenni-Lenape Native Americans,  ->Nanticoke LenniLenape Indians of New Jersey  Official page of the tribe includes information about tribal history and the annual pow-wow….<- and on my fathers’ side, from my great-grandfather’s side was Cherokee Native American.

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