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February 2, 2012 / adgerellis

(Christians Be Warned ! 텔레파시 (Telepathy) – 타임 머신 (Time Machine)…PART 2

The Party Line – WOR New York June 21, 1957    time: 2:13:10 Host: “Long” John Nebel Guests: George Van Tassel, Dan Fry, M.K. Jessup, Hans Stephan Santeson Among the discussions, in the two hours we have of this five and a half hour program, George Van Tassel tells how he rode in a flying saucer, and of his conversations with the alien who was flying it.…< Sorry, if there is some legal problem in this post, just go to link for the full website…. The Long John Nebel Show was  like the national radio show, Coast to Coast AM, that is on the radio right now. (See link… This blog could go in a lot of different directions at this point, because the Long John Nebel Show, maybe unknown to Mr. Nebel,  broadcasting on Radio Station WOR had such a powerful signal that it came into the homes of millions of people late at night when the competition at that time was recorded music. Plus, that show was the only place to hear strange, weird and just plain crazy stories. A good setting for an all night talk show to hear crazy people and assorted loonies scare the living day lights out of you if you gave them the lest credibility. Long John even broadcasted a showing of a new film  premiere about Count Dracula, one cold and stormy winter’s night. A good showman he was. Long John would tell stories about his days as a circus “carnival man,” and the “School-of-Hard-Knocks.” As he was growing up in the 1930’s Great Depression Era. Hardship and tragedy make for good story tell, but a sad life.  Also, strangely enough, tragedy makes for humor if you use sarcasm and wit to keep your sanity, or a really very funny joke to “disarm” a real or imagined enemy. (That is what makes it a suspicious situation.  As in done deliberately, to control language and humor in a “pseudo-politically” correct way.  Political historians, cultural anthropologist and many other researchers have known for more than three hundred years that a “good joke,” or a humorous aside can destroy the reputation and prestige of a tyrannical government. Once some of the people realize that their government is a “paper-tiger,” simplified Chinese: 纸老虎; traditional Chinese: 紙老虎,  (See definition, if you never saw a paper tiger…, the “revolution” is on! And, a good joke is a way of exposing the artificiality (read, matrix) and corruption created by government.) The Long John Nebel Show had a lot of inside jokes. Obviously, dealing with people who are either delusional,  eccentric, …(.Why Creative People Need to Be Eccentric :: Tips :: The 99 Percent  Do you ever feel like your regular habits are a little bit crazy? We investigate why eccentricity is essential to doing great work……. or just plain creating a story for self-promotion can make for gentle, not malicious, but a funny thought provoking story. The story-teller is forced to exaggerate to the point of ridiculousness, but all the time pretending to believe the utterly insane story. Sometimes the story-teller would catch on to being teased, and just stop talking. Then Long John would just ad-lib, or recapitulate the story in a nice way to encourage the guest to start talking again. Sometimes a savvy guest, a more sophisticated “confidence ‘huckster’ would go along with the charade, the inside gag, ->Running gag – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A running gag, or running joke, is a literary device that takes the form of an amusing joke or a comical reference and appears repeatedly throughout a work of,  after being found out to be a liar, and then the real fun starts as a battle of wits. Trying to be polite and humours, at the same time keep telling the same silly and foolish story without getting angry.  Mongoose that talk, was one of the “running gags.” There was a carnival huckster in northern New Jersey who had a traveling show with mongooses in cages. One dollar bill would let you in the tent to see “The Talking Mongoose!” The mongoose was a little shy and bashful and would not talk in front of people. When asked why the mongoose would not talk the “Carny-huckster” would just say that, “The mongoose has nothing to say, today.” The running gag with Long John and guests was, that is people stopped talking, or made a “slip-of-the-tongue” they would all call for the “talking mongoose” to take over the show.  Freudian psychoanalysis has the same sort of battle going on between the psychotic or neurotic patient and the Psychoanalysis. The mentally ill patient keeps repeating the mental problem, over and over again, and the doctor keeps trying to get the patient to have “insight” into their own thought processes. The problem that is so up-setting is self-generated. Yes! Humor can be good psycho-therapy. Long John had and guest had an inside joke, and this is the point that I am trying to make in this blog, please don’t believe everything that the media reports. Long John and guest were sophisticated New Yorkers, and could spot a hick, “rhub.”  ( That  word,  “RHUB,” must really be an obsolite slang word, or ‘The Language Police” are working overtime.  (Office québécois de la langue française – Wikipedia, the free

 The term “language police” was possibly first used by the American television show 60 Minutes, which ran an investigative report on Quebec language laws… ) “Rhub,” was a slang word for somebody from a farm, a “hick,”  an out-of-towner….The Out-of-Towners (1970 film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  The Out-of-Towners is a 1970 comedy film written by Neil Simon, directed by Arthur Hiller, and starring Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis. It was released by The tourist and “rhubs”  looking up at the tall buildings and sky-scrapers, were told on the radio, by Long John and guest, to look carefully and you could see the guide wires that hold the towers up. All the large buildings in New York City had wires between then that kept the buildings from falling over. Whenever a guide wire broke the building would fall over. ( Flatiron Building : Fifth avenue between 22nd and 23rd streets, New

 Some felt its shape (like a flatiron) was less artistic and more dangerous. They thought it would fall over, and  during construction the Flatiron Building was ) ->( “에이전트-15,”죄송합니다, 뉴스 기사가 영어에 … 정신 미친 링크 환각을 볼 수 … -12 환각제 무기 링크 …  =(「エージェント15、”申し訳ありませんが、ニュース記事は、英語で作成され…心理クレイジーリンク幻覚を見る幻覚武器リンク… (“एजेंट -15,” क्षमा करें, खबर कहानी अंग्रेजी भाषा में है … पागल पागल लिंक माया देख … -12 “hallucinogen” माया हथियार लिंक … = (“Агент-15”, див психо-божевільний посилання галюцинації … На жаль, новина є англійською мовою … -12 “галюциноген” माया ЗБРОЯ посилання …

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