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February 4, 2012 / adgerellis

(Christians Be Warned ! 텔레파시 (Telepathy) – 타임 머신 (Time Machine)…PART 3

The Party Line – WOR New York June 21, 1957    time: 2:13:10 Host: “Long” John …Nebel Guests: George Van Tassel, Dan Fry, M.K. Jessup, Hans Stephan Santeson Among the discussions, in the two hours we have of this five and a half hour program, George Van Tassel tells how he rode in a flying saucer, and of his conversations with the alien who was flying it…Sorry, if there is some legal problem in this post, just go to link for the full website…. Control and UFOs

Synthetic [computer-enhanced encephalographic] telepathy is old hat. …. New York radio host Long John Nebel landed a television show and naturally he Long John Nebel introduced Menger from the stage, who spoke before 1500 people…   1950s Contactees

 The business card Bethurum gave to 1950s talk-show host Long John Nebel, Fry used the telepathically-supplied wisdom of A-Lan to become the leader of a Menger: Information from
  when he told his story to late-night radio talk show host  Long John Nebel. blonde woman whom he met in person but who communicated via telepathy ->( “에이전트-15,”죄송합니다, 뉴스 기사가 영어에 … 정신 미친 링크 환각을 볼 수 … -12 환각제 무기 링크 … = エージェント15、”申し訳ありませんが、ニュース記事は、英語で作成され…心理クレイジーリンク幻覚を見る幻覚武器リンク… (“एजेंट -15,” क्षमा करें, खबर कहानी अंग्रेजी भाषा में है … पागल पागल लिंक माया देख … -12 “hallucinogen” माया हथियार लिंक … = (“Агент-15”, див психо-божевільний посилання галюцинації … На жаль, новина є англійською мовою … -12 “галюциноген” माया ЗБРОЯ посилання …

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