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February 5, 2012 / adgerellis

Message in a bottle (The Police) PART ONE

Message in a bottle (The Police) – 消息瓶(警察)- 歌詞 – پیام در یک بطری (پلیس) –  Üzenet a palackban – kirje ssa Pullottaa (Poliisi )…

  “THERE IS NO TRUTH IN TRUTH !”  Ha!, Ha! Joke does not translate. The joke has a real revolutionary “ring” in Russian,…”Нет, никакой правды в правду!” Many people do not like the humor of the British comedy “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,”….that tells anyone who is insightful and has true discernment,



The ability to judge well.
discrimination – perspicacity – acumen – judgement
More info »WikipediaDictionary.comAnswers.comMerriam-Webster  what kind of people they are, and how they think about humor and laughter, not how funny “Monty Python”is. Sort of, “pop-psychoanalysis.” Maybe, in times of social stress and economic problems we need a little humor, as in the “Monty Python’s” funnest joke in the world! Click link…کلیک کنید لینک کامپیوتر<…Valitse tietokone linkkiä,…Kattintson a számítógépes kapcsolat,…点击计算机链接,…點擊計算機鏈接…ЭКОНОМИКА,…Greece/Ελλάς !

The Funniest Joke in the World – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  This article is about the Monty Python sketch. within it, “Joke Warfare” and “Killer Joke“, the latter being the most commonly spoken title used to refer to it… Now, for a digression, However, hopefully you will find something humors in this diversion…Russia to send cosmonauts to the Moon this decade  2 days ago – Russia’s Federal Space Agency Roscosmos has launched a campaign to select a new group of cosmonauts. It is expected that the newcomers, …(this blog adds that possibly Newt can ‘hitch’ a ride,) see link… From Outer Space to You, by Howard Menger, page 1 … Howard Menger was first contacted by aliens when he was ten years Potatoes grown on the Moon in richer soil are much higher in protein<-Proof that life is on the moon. Mr. Menger brought back from the moon, a Moon potatoe. This blog might go into the bussiness of sealing Moon potatoes if there is a commercial demand. Capitalism all the way, as they said on the streets of ancient Rome-,  “Caveat emptor…”

The Incomplete Gödel » American Scientist  by G Moore A World Without Time: The Forgotten Legacy of Gödel and Einstein. Yet most scientists are unfamiliar with eminent  mathematicians from the same period,…”Among physicists Gödel is known as the man who proved that time travel to the past was possible under Einstein’s equations. But this was just dabbling outside his field. His main field was logic and the foundations of mathematics, and in this field he is best known for his two incompleteness theorems. The first of them showed that axiomatic systems, like Euclid’s exemplary system for geometry, could never capture all the truths of arithmetic. The second showed that the consistency of such a system could never be proved by reasoning inside the system…”…[PDFTime and Causation in Gödel’s Universe  File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – Quick View by JL Bell – Cited by 3Related articles Time and Causation in Gödel’s Universe. John L. Bell. In 1949 the great logician Kurt Gödel constructed the first mathematical models of the universe in which

To figure out how fast you need to go to get to your desired point in the future, this time dilation formula is handy.   (time between two events from 1st observer, time traveler) is equal to γ (the Lorentz factor) times   (time between concurrent events from 2nd observer, earth) is equal to  (time between concurrent events, earth) over the square root of 1 –  2 (velocity between stationary measurer and moving clock squared) over  2 (speed of light squared). This formula shows the moving clock’s or you the time traveler’s duration to be increased, so the faster the moving clock is going the more the duration is increased, thus making it seem to tick slower. Black holes where the fabric of spacetime is bent and slowed would be a more fuel efficient way to travel via this method.
Time dilation remains the only successful method to time travel to the future, but there are of course other theories. These theories employ devices including using cosmic strings and rings with light at near zero temperatures. Were these devices to work there are a few more factors to consider. While time dilation and traveling through worm holes both involve movement to achieve time travel, these devices are either stationary or are on the earth’s crust. Add time travel into the equation and there are two small problems: 1) finding where you are as a stationary object and 2) “landing” on the earth that is not stationary.

s2 = x2 + y2 + z2 – (ct)2…->‘  -> Colonel Phil Corso,

上校菲爾·科爾索,  上校菲尔·科尔索,  Полковник Фил Корсо,  Ezredes Phil Corso, Ezredes Phil Corso, سرهنگ نظامی فیلیپ كورسوColonel Phil Corso. In late June, 1997. Made startling revelations in a book,. “The Day After Roswell”.. And in an interview on NBC’s Dateline program. Died July …(IF THE LINK HOLDS. As unexplainable disconnects take place.)

Philip Corso Jr. – Roswell, The UFO Coverup and Time Travel   ->>TENCIÓN ESPAÑA !  ATENÇÃO PORTUGAL! TIEMPO  VIAJE. TEMPO  VIAGEM, علم ، فناوری، ریاضیات


Democratic Republic of Iran   علم ، فناوری، جمهوری دموکراتیک ایران 

کامپیوتر لینک جستجو…->


علم ، فناوری، ریاضیات 24, 2010 – 10 min – Uploaded by geogaddi00 Philip Corso Jr. – Roswell, The UFO Coverup and Time Travel …. The Legacy of  Colonel Philip J Corso

Time Traveller with Proof and other Hyper or Inter-Dimensional Nov 9, 2008 – TimeTravel Experiments, Parallel Universes, Stargates, 2012 and New Revelations The Legacy of Colonel Philip J. Corso (Part 1) 46 min …->

Acts 17:11 Bible Study: Discernment/ Judgment…The Bible tells us Judge Not, but then also commands us to Judge. How do we know when to do which? The difference between proper discernment and

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