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February 19, 2012 / adgerellis


China, India, Japan all have  advanced outer-space  technologies. Russia, France and the  European  Space Agency, the nation of  India  also,  ( see enclosed pictures ) all have images that are on the internet,  in unclassified  publications, and DVD’s that show strange artifacts on the moon.  Please,  just glance at the pictures.  President Obama could knock the neocons  talk radio pundits off the air, grab the headlines by a surprise  finding of new discoveries on the moon .  Some other country willmake the  announcement  if the United  States does not . Below are famous pictures of President Kennedy’s  challenge to go to the moon. President Obama must make a similar challenge, or NASA and America will be tragically humiliated  technologically by another  Sputnik  type  embarrassment…..Flaunt It - album cover.

China could make moon landing in 2025

Country also plans space station within a decade and Mars and Venus probes to be launched in next five years…

 The sequestration road …

File:John F. Kennedy speaks at Rice University.jpg

Yang Liwei, China's first astronaut, on his return to Earth

The pictures below are a display of images for the whole world to see, taken by China’s “Chang’e-2” moon probe.  President Obama  can get somebody remote from the  White House to announce new findings on the moon with no cost to the tax payers. This is imperative for the United States  scientific  and diplomatic respect in all negotiations and the Democratic Party’s reputation as truly progressive.

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