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February 21, 2012 / adgerellis

Rich Santorum and the W32 Blaster.worm

W32 Blaster.worm …

Why is Rich Santorum’s politics like a W32 Blaster.worm?  Because the W32 Blaster.worm pretents to be what it is not. The joke is not very funny, but then American politic is not very funny right now. Choose a Conservative | Don’t Let the Establishment & Media Tell You to Vote for a Moderate.


And what college did Rich Santorum go to?  The W32 Blaster.worm, “completed his undergraduate degree at the Pennsylvania State University, earned an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, and received his JD degree from the Dickinson School of Law. Santorum entered the legal profession, working for Kirkpatrick & Lockhart. “…quote from Wikipedia. Santorum accused President Obama of “elitist snobbery” and “hubris” for suggesting that “under my administration, every child should go to college.” So, now lets understand this, Rich Santorum is not a snobby elitist, and not full hubris by going to Pennsylvania State University and the University of Pittsburgh, with a degree from Dickinson School of Law and working for an exclusive law firm of Kirkpatrick & Lockhart? Now we get to the point of this post. “Is the W32 Blaster.worm illegal to put such a virus on the World Wide Web?” Hello, Rich Santorum and Kirkpatrick & Lockhart law firm. “Anybody home?”   If the following link will hold see this website “well, I’ve been infected by the W32 Blaster worm… Virus help  [Archive] well, I’ve been infected by the W32 Blaster worm… Virus help Friendly Blackmail is illegal, and electronic blackmail is just as bad..” Socialism comes in all sorts of forms. There is not one thing called socialism. When somebody rants anti-socialism, you have to ask what kind of socialism? This is in reply to some young people’s questions on the internet. ……,>>”*If you want to advocate socialism, please tell me how it  works?…<<*”…Just a side note, all my computers have malware virus infections and who ever, or what ever, (  as some viruses are robots and automatic without real people causing the computer problem ) is infecting the blogs and hacking internet sites has to be a lot smarter than most people who are casual internet users. This is very serious as we are in a presidential election year and you know malware and hacking will be used to frustrate the free and open debate on the internet.  What is especially worrying  on the internet are “trolls,”  AGENT PROVOCATEURS, …->Agent provocateur – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Traditionally, an agent provocateur (plural: agents provocateurs, French for As
a known tool to prevent infiltration by agents provocateurs, the organizers of -…>><<

extraditing  citizens of other counties (as in the Gary McKinnon case…

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