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December 31, 2012 / adgerellis




A philosophical theory or approach that emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining…

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African Americans, Respect for the President and WMD:  An Existential moment go to…


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“Existential” redirects here. For the logical sense of the term see Existential quantification. For other uses see Existence (disambiguation). Not to be confused with Essentialism

From left to right, top to bottom:KierkegaardDostoyevskyNietzsche,Sartre

Existentialism is the philosophical and cultural movement which holds that the starting point of philosophical thinking must be the experiences of the individual, and that moral and scientific thinking together do not suffice to understand human existence, so a further set of categories, governed by “authenticity“, is necessary to understand human existence.[1][2][3] (“Authenticity”, in the context of existentialism, is being true to one’s own personalityspirit, or character.[4])

-) Horror-in-Life, the reason for horror and speculation on how to cope with grotesque horror.  Emotional control is very important for understanding. That said, ture there are many degrees of emotional control. What will set one person off crying and screaming, another person will look on with indifference, or at “best” a sad sympathy. (FIRST A NOTE ON COMPUTER HACKING AND MALWARE: The whole concept of computer hacking and malware is still relatively new and  so fast changing that these comments will hopefully be obsolete very soon. SECONDLY, No proof of this, but just reasoned speculation, a lot of hacking that goes on is just plain another form of censorship. Blogs of this type that you are now reading, and this Blog in particular, are “AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL.” HACKERS, that censor or for “malicious fun” who put malware on computer systems are as bad as NATZI BOOK BURNERS. Old saying about people who burn books because they disagree with the authors who wrote the books is, “FIRST THEY BURN BOOKS BECAUSE NOBODY STOPS THEM. THEN THEY BURN PEOPLE BECAUSE OTHER PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO STOP THEM.” GET THIS PLEASE  !  FREEDOM-OF-SPEACH is not just for people who you agree with, contra bad ideas with good ideas.

Reasoned arguments in books, in public speech, and on the internet that are logical, well reasoned and give as good-a-proof as can be made within “consensual reality ” must never be censored. Reason dictates, that with supporting books and documents,  images and photographs by the honest and true idea of FREEDOM-OF-SPEACH, now understand this, even when there are national security concern, FEEDOM-OF-SPEACH can not be censored or tampered with without affecting the economy. United States’ bad economy, just a guess, without proof is bad because the AMERICAN government is “TOP-HEAVY” with secrecy. For example, just to keep this horrific act of “SCHOOL-SHOOTINGS” in a less hysterically morbid context, please see the attached video. EXISTENTIALIST also believed, all humanity must find their own reason to keep on living no matter how grotesque our life may be. Controlling our emotions as best we can when faced with horror and tragedy; use our brains and find “compensation” to prevent and memorialize, otherwise we will make a bad situation even worst by going hysterical on a non-reasoned rant. Video to go to for more information on these ideas, and  a-“Just-So-Story,” as in a religious parable for a deep spiritual understand from “Providence”…->(Abandon  your prejudice  and bigotry  when looking at the following…Please, just for your own pice-of-mind.) >><&lt;

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