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January 5, 2013 / adgerellis


Supernatural/Autobiography: “Read any good books lately?”  1930, 1940, 1950, 1960 at certain other times, that use to be a clichéd  old  ‘pick-up-line,’ among literate people. Not anymore, apparently. How can reading, and good grammar lessen violence? Thoughts that are in order and “linear” for example, as in ” diagramming sentences  =>>  , ” and truly understanding the meaning of words that a person uses  -“semantics”, as in the following websites…

  1. Semantics – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Semantics (from Greek: sēmantikós) is the study of meaning. It focuses on the
    relation between signifiers, such as words, phrases, signs, and symbols, and
    what …”

  1. Diagramming Sentences – Guide to Grammar and Writing

    Illustrated guide showing how to diagram sentence types, parts, and phrase
    configurations.” Now, think about either government “ROUGE,” or government “cabal,” just self-appointed censors, as in a”clique” that is out so sow confusion. No matter how smart these “unter -mensch” are they are ignorant of how people will react to their ” malicious fun.”  =>

    SANS: Top 15 Malicious Spyware Actions

    Spyware authors have ramped up their malicious code to invade users’ privacy at unprecedented levels. The following list describes some of the most malicious cyber attacks.  My suspicion is that some people in government no matter if they are extra ordinary wealthy, (or their family is wealthy) as far as this Blog is concerned, their malicious attacks might as well be from outer- space ( Ha  ! Ha  ! inside, out-side joke) because their consideration of humanity and fellow users of the internet are inconsiderate and rude. Supernatural/Autobiography, like many things in life is subjectively in the “eye-of-the-beholder (, or in the cause of some very queer hackers that might be from outer-space, “in-the-eyes-of-the-beholders, as in insects and dragons, sorry another inside joke, that is an example of my sarcasm to provoke the “demons”). The point of this meandering is that just as a good teacher, who can teach “Diagramming of Sentences” in a nice way, not authoritarian, or demeaning can be funny, as in a language joke of “dangling participle” and “abstract nouns.” School violence of some types can be stopped in some causes just by letting the violent student put into words or pictures his, or her violence. STOP ! STOP! Don’t be a fool ! Thinking to censor images of violence, and words of violence will stop aggression. FOOL ! Look in a mirror every time you want to censor something. Bet you, your face is “gnarled” into contortions that to another person looking at you might appear to seem ready for a violent action. Mirrors can be a handy tool to show you your own out ward emotions. Not to be “ALIEN” to your humanity, teachers who are good at their job will know the difference between mock violence and real violence. “Hacking” into some bodies computer, to me is a form of  aggression and could be violent depending on the damage done to persons or property.

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