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January 15, 2013 / adgerellis



*GUN SHOT  ! HEAR THAT ? GUN SHOT  !* ” Oh, Mother -of -Mine,” is the name of a
very old song. (See website, “* The Temptations – Oh Mother Of Mine A
Capella… <=  *” QUESTION:
Why would a kid kill his mother? 71 years on this Earth and that is
not me bragging, – just an
idle thought. Blogs that are autobiographical like this in many ways
reveal the  personality of the author. Romanticism and sentimentality can
get people through the hardships of life. >>  << Psychology of Sigmund Freud and
Wilhelm Reich not only imply, but can be interpreted to say, Romanticism
and overt sentimentality is nothing more than repressed sublimated
sexual desire. Matricide and suicide can also be interpreted by Sigmund
Freud’s and Wilhelm Reich’s psychology as nothing more than anger, and
hostility turned and directed inward on “The Self.”
“Sandy Hook” school shooting and the suicide death of Aaron Swartz
co-founder of Reddit actually have some things in tragic common.  Note
please, Blogs like this have noticed more than once that as an “educated
guess” generally, thirty percent of the American public have serious mental
health issues. Dick ! (That is to get your repressed sexual attention, as
in the children’s song..
“Tick tock, tick tock Hickory dickory dock The mouse ran up the clock The
clock struck one The mouse ran down Hickory dickory dock…” You see, I was
brought up on the “Dick and Jane Reader.” Go to this website, “Fun with Dick and Jane Bookdick and jane reading books – Product Catalog

The Primer was FUN WITH DICK AND JANE. In 1948, Scott, Foresman issued
two Health Primers entitled HAPPY DAYS WITH OUR FIENDS and GOOD TIMES

<< Yes, that is “SEXUAL HUMOR” YES ? So what?)
Matricide ? Why would a young kid kill his mother ? Why did Aaron Swartz
hang himself  ? Educated people in America who pose and posit these questions are
not really educated. Generally, after more than a hundred and sixty years
of psychology and sociology you should have a pretty good idea what in many
cases motivates a person to kill. If you don’t know, go back
to school and learn.
Guns, have a long history as a
power symbol. Guns have a long history of male gender identification. Guns
resemble a penis, and eject “stuff” just like a penis. So, please let me
know what is so difficult to understand  about murder-by-gun. Even a gun in
the hands of a female has a certain masculine symbol of power and dominance.
Almost, if the gun is held in a certain way, could look like “fellatio.”
Sad, Aaron Swartz was a man of freedom, and now for the “Coup de Grace,”
aggressive capitalism is the real cause of the before mention tragedies
Capitalism is in and by its own murderous economic system, a historical
tragedy for all of humanity. Freedom, true freedom, not some commercial
corporate mockery, will let “fair use” and reproduction of artistic works
be copied with out fine and imprisonment. Yes, naturally the creator of a
work of art should get paid for his or her creation, but once the person
does, death as Gilbert and Sullivan wrote in one of their old songs, “Death
is the great leveler.” What right does an artist have, what claim in a court
of law or public opinion can be made from the grave? Medieval mysticism to claim
ownership by a dead person. Yes, I know legal fiction, just as I know of
the most absurd decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in the fantastic case
decision of “Citizens United v Federal Elections Commission” Dick  ! Do you
read minds  ? Can you tell what I meant by the use of the word “Dick  ! ”
Ha ! Ha ! Fool ! So, the US Supreme Court has declared a “Corporation,” to be a
person. Now, lets take that thought “A-Round-The-World.” No, better yet, my
dear dead mother had a book of old poetry that in the long ago days before
television and video games, my sister and I use to read to each other. One
of the poems in that old book was…  Bye-the-Bye, my own personal
bias, in some ways similar, an agent that comes in the “back door”
with cookies, worms and spiders looking to cause trouble, reconfigure
and implant, rearrange and try to “dig-up-dirt” to throw at me, from my
own personal files is not much different from a mass-shooter. Listen:
An old saying, “Take my money, that can be replaced, but kill my
reputation and I have lost almost everything.” Hint: Bully ! Could
that be one of the reasons for young kids killing people, and young
people suicided? Pride, self-worth and self-esteem is everything. With
out a reason to live what does murder and suicide mean when a person
feels like he or she has no reason to live?

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