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January 21, 2013 / adgerellis


WORDS ARE REALLY “THINGS.” Please, keep your sense of humor. Blog, -Blog, -Begs and pleads, -yes pain, hurt, suffering is real, but loss-of-your-mind, -hysteria will not help you. Sarcasm, “word” from your mouth, in print and written in mockery, on Internet and on paper. Sublimate your hurt. Do something nice so what happen to you does not happen again. Redirect your outrage with controlled anger; put your emotions with restraint on the Internet, in letter, in ink. Group yourself with other people who feel the same. And, you can cry. Cry your-heart-out. Let the tears flow… I’ve done it many times. Have -A -Good -Cry.  We are here on Planet Earth in this life for such a sort time. My grandmother raised six kids  in the Great Depression 0f 1930s. She saw many losses in her life time. 1940s  was also a time of great loss, and yet I use to watch my grandmother do her house work singing old songs like this one from the year 1919,… listen to the words if you have the strength…->    Oh yes,-  “Old-As-The Hills,” the saying goes, “Many-A-Truth-Has-Been-Said-In-Jest.” Insensitive?  NO ! Realist, practical, “Life-Affirming!” Memorialize, commemorate, build an “alter,” -a memorial to sympathy for love. US Republic in Philadelphia, 1776 Valley Forge: snow, rain, cold wet and despair,

Despair – Merriam-Webster Online

to lose all hope or confidence <despair of winning>. transitive verb. obsolete : to lose hope for. — de·spair·er noun. See despair defined for English-language …”, and yet they won. By the chance they could have loss their lives, in Revolution. Loss of arms and legs, mutilated, -warrior cry for your loss, but get angry also. Go on to prevent this pain from happening again. See this following video. Just an example, a “thought experiment” as an emotion touch for our subconscious mind. Warning, this video is horribly graphic and “shocking” in grotesqueness,  as it will “Gross-You-Out !” And, this is recommended only to show you that there are other people who also live with horror. “Out-An-Out” mean, aggressive cruelty.  Not up to seeing more pain and suffering? Please do not look. -skip it. Pleading not to make any more pain. So, with that warning, and knowing this Planet Earth is an abattoir, see the following website…=>

Horror, grotesques mutilation. Not knowing the truth of these insane mean mentally ill actions, humans, vivisection on humans, “Water-Boarding,” SMACK ! !  !   Pull yourself together, don’t you go crazy too. Blogs like this just report, and there is no way to know the truth of these reports. Yes, very credible people in the military see monstrous mutilations in war almost every day. Police, almost every day see cruel crimes on people, and para-medics, fire fighters see mutilations and death, and yet force their self to go on and live. Stop ! Stop the horror and think what you can do so suffering and pain does happen again. Learn and study. Build a memorial to your love or hurt, that is constructive revenge, “Two wrongs, do not make a right.” WORDS ARE REAL “THINGS.” Use words; -put your pain in words, an “alter” to loss. THINK  ! “Abattoir” as a word does not make what goes on in a slaughter- house any better. And, being ignorant of the pain and suffering that goes on in the World, does nothing to make Planet Earth better but, lets the evil “grey things,”  – like a grey fog, -like the grey area in law, -let a “Cookie Cutter” clone make more evil. No ! Control your anger, cry if you will, but “pink-toy-guns” with soapy bubbles will not hurt you. -But, mindless hysteria just like a killer, without reason or common sense can kill you and people who love you. You will be the same as the “creature that hurt you. So, in a loop of pain you are the fault of your own suffering, if you do nothing good for humanity. That goes for humorous sarcasm, also. >> African Americans, Respect for the President and WMD…See Website

  1. News for Pink Toy Gun, girl suspended

    Pennsylvania girl, 5, suspended for threatening to shoot girl with pink toy gun that blows soapy bubbles

    Fox News – 1 day ago – 111 related articles »
    A 5-year-old Pennsylvania girl who told another girl she was going to shoot her with a pink Hello Kitty toy gun that blows soapy bubbles has

Sarcasm is an Innocent way to hide emotional pain and hurt as in gun contra: Abattoir of Innocents.  Mock aggression with a “Pink-Toy-Gun.?”

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