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January 24, 2013 / adgerellis


President Obama: Congratulations on your second term in office as President  Of  The United States.  Best wishes to you and all who are
near and dear to you. May you prosper in freedom, justice for all. EXCELSIOR! UPWARD AND ON -WARD ! PART ONE‏
Puppets, marionettes, mannequin dummies, -do you have any idea the
known and unknown pressures that President is under? Foolishness, just
plain silly accusations against the United States' Chief Executive.
There is no use in repeating all the foolishness. All that this Blog
can do is to plead, and yes the contractions in this plea are obvious,
that is a failure of mine. Occult, demonic and supernatural sorcery is
playing to crazy people. Haven't we had enough loonies do mean and
hurtful things? ("Under the Dance Floor Sits the Devil," song in German by the Rock Group called Dorfrocker. L-O-L, Devil Worship -> Ha! Ha! Go to this website...+>>>  "Abstract nouns," to some people are difficult
concepts to understand. Abstract nouns have to be experienced by
living life. With emotional maturity that can only be learned in the
sad and happy events that happen in life, we should learn by experience. Blogs like this have
mentioned "Agents provocateurs" on both sides of any political issue. "TACID CONSPIRATORS;" "FIFTH COLUMN," takeover of the
commercial media seems to be real..."Fifth column - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

fifth column is a group of people who clandestinely undermine a larger group, such as a nation, from within. A fifth column can be a group of secret  Commercial media have to sell

"stuff." Please, this Blog goes to Doctors Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm
Reich and Carl Jung, generally and to a limited extent, to understand
what is going on in Planet Earth. Yes, absolutely Doctor Freud, Doctor
Reich and Doctor Jung all made some blunders in their psychological
theories. Note please, these psychological mistakes are a form of
"proof" called "falsification." Yes, the punctuation with all the
quotation marks is not conventual. The quotation marks mean to me that
the word in quotation is being used in an ambiguous way. Sometimes,
the conventional dictionary definition is meant, and at other times a
colloquial or unconventional sense is meant. Let the opposition live by
their own words, as follows in an International News
Story..."Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher
Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking
skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of
Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on
behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the
student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority..." See
source website...=>
Very little more needs to be said, when an appeal to superstition and
subjective fantasy is all that is left from an irrational discussion.
Where are the mental health professional to contradict a foolish
fantasy outside of "consensus reality?" New World Order takeover,
extra-terrestrial kidnapping, and cars that run on water, do you believe
in the coming ECHANTON? Please, this Blog again is not going to repeat
the slanders against President Obama, in fact, even if you personally
do not like the President of the United States, President Obama is "De
Facto," the President.

imgres.jpg  Please, get off your insane rant ! Many people

in the United States are "spinning" irrational argument that defy
common sense. Many people really need to see a mental health councilor
for an evaluation. Yes, this Blog has suggested that there are strange
and non-mundane, or non-consensus reality events. They are called
"FICTION," "FANTASY" and DREAMING. Yes, imagination is important for
a "full mental" life; for all good reason. Not to wish hurt and harm,
pain and suffering on innocent people who you do not know personally
an events that could not by any empirical physical means know. Get
real! Commercial mass media feed public paranoia and irrational
suspicion, not presented as possible events, contingency scenarios,
but an irrefutable fact beyond dispute. When in fact, the presentation
is full of suppositions that defy all known laws of physics.
Accusations that are impossible to know by any conventional means, and
inconstant, things that could not possibly be known when the person
presenting the unorthodox distortion was not even there. Uses of
emotions, and subjective values as if they were facts are proof of
nothing. And, then we go for a last defiance, -an "AD HOMINID"
argument is proof of nothing... When considering issues of national and
international economics, Human Rights, life and death, war and peace
pop-culture and the mass-media fail to inform the public on vial news
with dissection of clothe and style, peccadilloes and intimate
personal details of people's lives that have no relevance to the vast
majority people on Planet Earth. The vast majority of people are just struggling to stay
alive. Talk Show hosts' that constantly attack the President of the
United State on his personal life style, and his Public Relations are
truly doing a dis-service to the public. Yes, naturally the President
is not beyond criticism or comment but, why attack him for doing
things that most humans do? On the average and statistical, The
President has made mistakes, and retracted them, and he does use
rhetoric and hyperbole but, what President has not been floured in his
public speeches? For example, President Bush Jr. had been reported as
saying the following..."It's clearly a budget. It's got a lot of
numbers in it..." Reported by Alert the Nobel Committee.
Bolger's like me have argued that "reincarnation" is to me a possibility. That is an
"operational morality," but this Blog will abandon that belief if, some plausible argument can be made against it.

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