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February 4, 2013 / adgerellis


HUMOR, “A- + BETER”  SCIENCE FICTION:  -“Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” book authored by Douglas Adams is an uproariously funny read, See the website as follows…<

“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Douglas Adams …’s_Guide_to_the_Galaxy-
Join Douglas Adam’s hapless hero Arthur Dent as he travels the galaxy with his intrepid pal Ford Prefect, getting into horrible messes and generally wreaking …” There are other very funny science fiction books, however without citation, as this is an autobiography, let this Blog tell a story read in high school in the year 1960. Sorry, both title and authors are both forgotten, but the story stuck ! The tale goes as follows…Exterrestrials that looked like bowling balls fell to Planet Earth from outer space….   Finger holes in the ET looking bowling balls were orifices for their sensory apparatus and bodily functions. Three holes, and so some of the orifices had more than one function… Ets that have no working appendages must get other creatures that do have something that resembles hands and fingers do work for them.   Bowling ball Ets where capitalist entrepreneurs looking for some luxury item to sell throughout the Galaxy. Ets naturally, as in many Si-Fi stories are telepathic and parasitic, taking control of their human host for a leach like purpose. Police and Security Guards were the first to be taken over by the parasitic bowling balls. Leaching bowling balls next took over the Really Estate Offices to get a nice comfortable place to live, as even bowling balls do not like the rain, snow, cold and damp…<-> Et bowling balls made “nests” like birds with old newspapers, rags and tree leaves and grass. Outer space Globular parasites roomed, and rolled around at night looking for something to “buy” or “sell” to their Galactic customers. Skunk spry got their attention,…   and the lowly skunk would be a luxury item with a perform that would be a sensation throughout the Galaxy. This “Just-So” story was a metaphor for American society in the year 1960. A-joke-is-a-joke, and comes in many forms, just as this silly news story is a joke out of Russia. Quote:…
Crazy ! “Mad-As-A-Hatter, stories in science fiction came out in the year 1960. Alien abduction stories where not on television or in the news, but fictional stories and denial of alien innovation w aplenty in fiction… =>

  1. Philip Schneider, Murder By Suicide?

    Apr 29, 2007 Philip Schneider was born April 23, 1947 and died (many assume engineer
    who was involved in building underground military bases around of Philip
    Schneider (Cynthia Drayer) after learning of his death. His claims received little
    mainstream notice, but caused quite a buzz in UFO enthusiast circles… Go see this site…>>

Chicago-city was zapped from outer space by unknown beings, so the United States Congress with all the arrogance they could muster, declared that there was no such city as Chicago. Never existed, and  Chicago was removed from all the maps. If for some reason the censored word “Chicago” had to be mentioned, it would be ridiculed and laughed at as a mythical city, a story for ignorant people and a simple-minded conspiracy, or hoax. No sane and intelligent person believes that there ever was a city called Chicago. Next Dallas disappeared, so congress and the American government with wisdom and courage removed the city of Dallas from all US maps, and censored the word, stricken from all documents. The city of Dallas, Texas was just a hoax, -a , now get this, -a Mexican legend, -a fiction, -a myth.  The place never existed. Congress let the country of Mexico take over what use to be Taxes as both Texas and the City of Dallas did not  really exist anyway.  So, the “Off -Worlder” extraterrestrials took over the places of fiction, set up their cloning factories to make robot human look-a-likes, or what we’re called androids and cyborgs to fill North and South America with false humans. The take over did not take long. The invasion of Planet Earth was complete within sixty years,…=>

  1. The Mysterious Death of Danny Casolaro –

    1.…Joseph Daniel Casolaro was one of many freelance investigative reporters stirring the witches brew of scandal simmering in the nation’s capitol. there was clear evidence that the reporter was in the early stages of multiple schlerosis (MS

with out a fight. Congress and the United States President were replaced with aliens by a free election, not a fight or a whimper from the ignorant and simple-minded public. They were entertained to death. A beer, some sports and food and sex, and nobody knew or cared that their country was gone. That was just a science fiction book that came out in 1960, sorry it has no name. And, you know there a some conspiracy minded people today who are so gullible and credulous to the sad detriment of their mental health, who claim that the above  dumb scenario is really really true. Really ! Really ! Ha ! Ha ! Go to see even a professional doctor is no guarantee that they have a good grip on reality… ( Are you getting angry ? Good ! You should be. )

  1. John Mack, Alien Abduction “Scholar,” Dies…/johnmack-alien-abduction-scholar-dies.htm

    Oct 1, 2004 John E. Mack was the Harvard Medical School professor who became
    Although Mack’s death was awhile back, I find in light of the serious reputation
    Mack ….. This is reinforced when we notice that the people claiming to be … Go to see  =>DR. JOHN MACK DEAD; HIT BY TRUCK IN UK

    1. Sep 28, 2004 I was just told that Dr. John Mack died in England last night when he
      ABDUCTION: HUMAN ENCOUNTERS WITH ALIENS and. SECRET …  Dry ironic humor as, -and listen carefully as she said, “I’m being funny, but I don’t feel funny.” The following will give you an idea,  -just an example of complacency and dim-witted politics, with such  foolish ideas, reason is “Out-The-Window.”   Mind “innovation” goes on for websites like this…

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