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February 11, 2013 / adgerellis

Memorial Salute ! Autobiography of an Old Man’s Memories.

Memorial Salute ! Autobiography of an Old Man's Memories.

Sally Starr
TV hostess
"Sally Starr was a prominent 1950s celebrity television personality. Using a cowgirl persona, she appealed to local TV audiences of several generations of children through American radio, Broadway stage," and "The Sally Starr Show" See, ...
Born: 1923, Kansas City
Died: January 27, 2013
Movies: The Outlaws IS Coming!>> Cowgirl Stock Photos 

"Sally Starr was born in Kansas City, Kansas, USA. Cowgirl persona for real ! Blogs like this often appeal to history, social history and cultural history. This is not to confuse real history with Hollywood film fiction and action adventure stereotype "Super Heroes;" comic books and magazines. The "Real American Old West" must not have been a very fun place, (some blog soon, hopefully we will get back to real history),
but for now it is the fantastic mythical American Old West we will
think about. People like Sally Starr, who were really born out west gives us all a little idea that inspire some of us today by the very primitive conditions, compared to America today. Please listen to the words carefully, as I believe that they were meant as a "double irony," very cleverly comparing what was "up-to-date" in the "old American West," to the contemporary comforts at the time that the song was written. See website... >  People in the State of Kansas, in the year 1932, the year that Sally Starr was born still had room in their lives for fun and games. We all live in a dream world of our own making, to some extent. And, the American Old West was a frontier land of mega dreams and fantasies. Just a Historical note for a cultural perspective, the Oklahoma territory was just closed and made into the new State of Oklahoma in the year 1907. "*The hard work of the Sequoyah State Constitutional Convention was not entirely lost. When representatives from Indian Territory joined the Oklahoma State Constitutional Convention in Guthrie the next year, they brought their constitutional experience with them. The Sequoyah Constitution served in large part as the basis for the constitution of the State of Oklahoma, which came into being with the merger of the two territories in 1907. Territorial Governor Frank Frantz oversaw the transition from territory to state. He was selected as the Republican nominee to serve as the state's first Governor. He faced the Democratic Charles N. Haskell in the election on September 17, 1907. In the same election, the Oklahoma Constitution was proposed. The Constitution was passed and Haskell was elected Governor. Once the people of Oklahoma adopted the United States Constitution on November 16, 1907, Oklahoma and Indian Territories officially dissolved and the State of Oklahoma was admitted to the Union as the 46th state...*"See" "Sally Starr (TV hostess) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sally Starr (January 25, 1923 – January 27, 2013) was a prominent 1950s celebrity television personality. Using a cowgirl persona, she appealed to local TV ..." So, one-by-one, our childhood stars set, as it has always been for each generation. In truth, we only have our memories, hopefully to learn and if the young kids are receptive, teach them from our experiences so that not only do they not make our mistakes, but also, share a little of our happiness and fun that we had when we were young. Maybe a little irony, that the 1960 Hippies and the "Space Race" with the Russians "killed" off some of the American interest in the American Old West, Oh Yes, the myth was not dead, the fantastic extent of the Old Western frontier was gone. My uncle on my mother's side lived with my grandmother for a while after World War Two. I remember a Large console phonograph that was in the Dining room paying Old Western Cowboy Songs. The phonograph console made a groaning noise and the automatic record changer would drop the 78 rpm records down from a stack of records piled on the spindle onto the turn table.... My sister
and I, would watch the machine as it slowly would go through the
mechanical motions of dropping the records, as if it could just barely
do its automatic function and surprise us with the music from the next
record. My uncle's favorite western song was, and I still know the
words to the song "by heart," in the year 1948. "*Eddy Arnold -
Bouquet Of Roses,,,"
Another favorite record that my uncle use to play on his phonograph
console was, and we kids also memorized this song too..."*Sons Of The
Pioneers - Cool
Water...**" Blogs posted here in the past have mentioned that I was In USAREUR, Hanau, German. Computers, and to some extent portable televisions were not available, but on leave, not only the down town GI bar scene was a favorite, but the German movie theaters were palace to go. All through elementary school, and partly until the sophomore year 1958, in high school there was a very old music teacher who stayed on teaching way past retirement age. She must have really been born in the late 1890's, and stuck with the kind of music that she knew, operetta, for real. Young kids, you too be old someday, if you live long enough and stuck with the music that you were brought up with ! Operetta, as a social aside, with a few exceptions had to do with kings and queens, prince and princess, dukes, and counts, almost always a happy ending played to royalty and the bourgeoisie (= bush wa zee, Ha ! Ha !) as strange as it may seem to many Americans. There still are such creature stalking the old castles of Europe. Anyway, before I get on an anti royalist rant, the old aristocracy did set themselves up for comedy satire. Me and some US Army bodies saw, under my persuasion, as they did not know what the hell to see in a German movie theater, I got them in to see a caricature parody of the American Old West made by anther, unknown to most Americans, musical comedy star who just recently died, by name, Peter Alexander. "*Peter Alexander Austrian performer Peter Alexander Ferdinand Maximilian Neumayer, commonly known as Peter Alexander, was an Austrian actor, singer and entertainer. Wikipedia Born: June 30, 1926, Vienna Died: February 12, 2011, Vienna Spouse: Hilde Haagen (m. 1952–2003) Movies: Hurrah, the School Is Burning, Charley's Aunt, More*" So, reluctantly I go my Army buddies to see two comedy movies in the German Language. Remember, this is a comedy and a caricature of what the German's imagine the American Old West to be like. Far from realistic, but then it is not supposes to be realistic. Please enjoy what ever you can about the movie, as I though at the time in 1965, it was a funny satire. The film start of slowly with an affectation and over acting, of self mockery with pretended "snobbish speech,' that is on purpose as Count Bobby is being hounded by bill collectors in his own family castle. "Affectation Synonyms, Affectation Antonyms | ...=> for affectation at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. ... Part of Speech: noun ... affected, full of affectation, pretentious, pedantic, stilted, stagy, theatrical, big-sounding, ad captandum; canting, ..." Also, "Urban Dictionary: affectation Share Something you do to make yourself seem cooler than you are. A lot of the time you don't really realize you're doing it, but all of the time you loo..." Go to this website..."*Peter Alexander in : Graf Bobby, der Schrecken des Wilden Westens teil 3...*"

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