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February 13, 2013 / adgerellis


Blog post previously made an attempt at autobiographical humor. Sorry,
if you did not find the previous blog entry funny. Not every joke
works. As the really good comedians know, not every “prat -fall” gets a
laugh…Physical comedy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -…? 

Physical comedy, whether conveyed by a pratfall (landing on the buttocks), a silly
face, or the action of walking into walls, is a common and rarely subtle form of

Some falls just hurt when a person hits the floor. (Double
meaning there, metaphorically speaking.)  “Count Bobby,” the movie was
made in 1965. A lot of social changes have happened, not only in
America, but in the “Central European Theater,” since 1965. (Sorry,
another ‘double meaning’ in the use of the word “Theater.” Please,
politics as ‘High Drama,” and “theater.” Aha! “All the World’s a
Stage…” etc,) Acting in the movies, or in theater is a form of “make-believe,” see website

Die Daltons gegen Lucky Luke (HQ-Trailer-2004)

>>  <<Play acting in medieval Europe was a form of lying, to pretend to be something that you are not. Like the fools accusation, a
historical fact, that some people are not really human, (that is they
have no heart, show no compassion or humanity to their supposed fellow
humans. (Ha ! Ha ! Another double meaning, for the “Uber Mensch,” and
a lesson to be leaned to the “Unter Mensch.”) A little ‘supersilious’
but, nevertheless true, making fun of the readers of this Blog,
because all humanity could become extinct if people to not “wise up,”
and some scholars claim that the Planet Earth is all ready doomed as
it is too late for humanity to realize how frail both the environment
is to human destruction, and thereby human procreation.
Cowboy and American Old Western films show gratuitous use of “Gun
Violence.”   >>  <<  And, intended humorous “spanking and chasing women  >>  << with the
intention of forcing the female to do something against their will.” And, and, then there is the Dominatrix…  <
What is acceptable violence against the same or opposite gender?
“Kiss Me Kate,” is probably the first forced violence against women that
I can think of off-hand, by The Bard, Shakespeare’s “Taming of The Shrew.” However, if the
Great Monotheistic Religious believers of all genders would read their
“Holy Books” with real discernment they will read that “Devine
Providence” is especially vicious to gender violence. The musical
called, “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,” is about kidnapping women
for mating. That said, this post enjoys those Musical Shows, as what
NOT to do. Now, this Blog is open to missunderstanding, because the
gender issues are all involved with economics. No person, no human,
male or female is a “commodity,” by the very fact of being a human. As
a human right to dignity, food, shelter, education and medical help
should be free of cost, price and expense. Blog by fools, naturally
nothing is truly free of cost, but be reasonable, our social, cultural
and historical development is far from perfect. Hopefully, humanity
will learn to conduct human relationships without violence.
Feminist who are extreme, who by their own temperament and emotional
outrage condemn their selves for their hate of all humanity will be in deep trouble soon. NOTE
PLEASE: the Great Monotheistic Religions in their extreme anti-
sexuality, both heterosexuality and homosexuality are committing
genocide against humanity as “GROSS MIS -ANTHROPY” (= PEOPLE HATERS ).
Why ? Why does this Blog claim that extreme anti -sexuality is
“MISANTHROPY ?” Think please. “Celibacy” and “virginity” does not
encourage procreation.” Obviously. Why does this Blog go off on rants?
Because such basic understanding of humanity and human rights are
transparently self-evident. Dunking, mostly women, in Puritan New England
is now considered a crime and scandal, but Water Boarding by some
lawyers is considered legal ? What ? What ? Lawyers who are put on a
“Dunking Stool'” dropped in a pond   >>  << or however “Water Boarding” is
done, would learn very fast if “Water Boarding” was torture. No way am
I suggesting, and how anyone could twist the meaning of this Blog to
think that I am encouraging the “Water Boarding” of lawyers is just a
plain fool. A little comprehension please. What this Blog is saying is
what has been hinted at, and explicitly stated Males, man, and young
boys’ “positive”  self-esteem, identity in culture, society and history,
(especially in the American Old West, both in fact and fiction) is
intimately related to phallic function “sexual performance issues.”
>>Sigmund Freud’s Infantile Sexuality and the role in the genesis of
the neuroses of adults and in the psychology of normal
adults…  <<Wilhelm
Reich’s Mass Psychology of Fascism Revisited

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