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February 18, 2013 / adgerellis

Gloria Steinem Discussing Her Time in the CIA

Gloria Steinem Discussing Her Time in the CIA…See the following website (Cut, censored! …

Autobiographical Blogs like this are a way of emotional venting, a
release for frustration. Religious anti-sexuality, mostly covert, as
"Sex-is Dirty," point-blank is the cause of my personal frustration,
and by appealing to Doctors Freud and Wilhelm Reich most of society's
problems. For example, and as an aside, extremely religious people,
extreme government security and extremely political conservatives are
latent or active homosexuals. Two reasons make this clear, to Doctor
Freud and Doctor Reich, and why this accusation general does not apply
to liberals and progressive. Reason one, Liberals and
progressive, generally work for the social acceptance of
homosexuality. Reason two, political liberals work against fear, shame and guilt. Fear, shame and guilt are generally the social
"weapons" of religion to manipulate society with incoherent,
illogical rants, not even full thoughts or sentences such as "Object,
Subject." That is why at lest a limited understanding of
"Diagramming Sentences" is important for logical thinking...See this New York Times article...-> For
example, in colloquial English, in popular "consensus reality," a
person who is thought to be insane or crazy speaks incoherently, not
comprehensively, and claims to know things that can not possible be known
in any practical way. When I worked in security, a Security Report
must have the following three things, "WHO, WHAT, WHERE, and WHEN." A
person who is extremely religious, extremely political, both liberal
and conservative, and this Blog singles out extreme "FEMINIST,"
because many "FEMINIST" state in print and publicly that they "HATE
MEN," -and are thereby thought to be crazy. Now, now, a musical comedy is no proof of fact, but a song is a good way to vent "pend -up -emotions!" Go on vent! See this website...

Kiss Me Kate – I Hate Men   And, to go on and explain this

accusation that extreme religious people and extreme conservatives are
latent or active secret, covert homosexuals and security agencies are
a cabal, clique and "junta" for such people, they are ashamed, feel guilt,
and fear being found out for their sexual interest.
Now, from personal experience
  ...("Tainted Love":  <experience in security as I understand it, many Human Resource people,
Security Agencies and Security Officers, Nurses and extreme religious people
"hide" and use their belief system to deflect and divert attention
away from their sexual interest by accusing other people, or
investigating other people's sexual interest. Children in mind, cowards
in thought. Who the fuck as an adult cares what other people's sexual
interests are. Oh! I'm sorry. We must protect the children. Who, and please do not be dull-witted, are we protecting the children from, "passive fathers" and "aggressive women," clergy, sport coaches and clowns ? For example, I have the
same feeling as most males that have agreed with me, as a security
guard, some female Human Resource workers have call male security
officers by the female form of address, "Mrs," or "Misses." Cute ?
Not as and adult. Such disrespect is "defamatory, " and a "slander." I
am not overly disturbed by this, because as I said to some of these
slanders, that disrespect shows me that they have a sexual identity
problem, not me. I am secure it my sexual interest and identity.

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