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March 30, 2013 / adgerellis

Christian’s Easter: Homo erectus (meaning “upright man”)

Christian Easter: Homo erectus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Homo erectus (meaning “upright man,” from the Latin ērĭgĕre, “to put up, set upright”) is an extinct species of hominid that lived from the end of the Pliocene …(NOTE: Date of this post is April First)  ‘HUMAN RESOURCE manager came running down the hall shouting, “What’s going on ? What’s going on ?” What’s going on,  is that one of the company’s employees point-blank refused to be scanned according to company security procedures. Security Guard, -myself following company procedure said to the employee who refused to be scanned, “Oh, yes you will !” Female recalcitrant employee did get scanned by another security guard. What I said was true, she did get scanned by another security guard. Eavesdropping on a private conversation when I was growing up in my childhood was considered rude and inappropriate behavior’…(See original post… “Cum Laude: Graduating with Honors – Academic Apparel

What is Cum Laude: Graduating With Honor means graduating cum laude. What does cum laude mean? Translators define cum laude as With Praise...”  “CUM,” as in the latin phrase “Cum Laude,” has nothing to do with the sang word “cum.”

Cum – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Cum can mean different things: Cum is a slang term for semen; The verb form cum is a …”What does the word cum mean › … › Health › Sexual Health and EducationShare

What does the word cum mean? In: Sexual Health and Education [Edit categories ]. Answer: It’s pretty much a sexual slang word for ejaculation or orgasm. 40 years I have worked as a Security Officer, now out-of-good-conscience   I can never go back and do a job that I personally thought myself an expert. Security Guards, just as police, doctors and fire fighters can be called on in a court-of-law to be an “Expert Witness.” Proof of incompetent security management could only be gotten by me, by signing a “Disciplinary Report” stating that I had shouted and used “inappropriate language,” by example, the word “CUM,” over heard by a female employee. What I said, in a private conversation between me and an ex-US military soldier was as follows, “Oil, or mayonnaise-cum-scanner.” That is, mayonnaise or oil was on the hand-held scanner. “Close Circuit Television” does not usually have sound recording with video. The Security Manager and the Human Resource manager both calmed, as was said to me, “We have you on camera.” Like, what is that suppose to mean? The charge against me was “inappropriate language,” that is “sound” -not anything visual. Christian, on Easter Holliday by the “Great God’s Erection,” by Zeus, even if it was on purpose, being provocative by using a double meaning, -so what ! Language is full of double meaning, to the degree that the speaker and listener understands the language. Ignorant  fools will always be confused about language and words to the degree of their knowledge. Homo erectus, and by extrapolation, “erection”  just means “upright” -nothing else. No projection or transference of your possible mental illness and blatant ignorance on me, -please. Mistakes are made by accident, circumstance an misunderstand, but a “False Report” is just a plain lie. And, by an “Expert Witness” could be perjury in a court of law and a public libel. For example, in one of theses past Blogs, the Blog ended with a deliberate tease, “**Next time we might have a story of “The Cannibal Djinn of 1947 found in Roswell, New Mexico.**”  Violence, and “Gay-Like-Hissy-Fits”  will do no good.  Example One: Fiction. “Cautionary Tale” and fable for “Tinfoil Hat People”  Think about this video and how vast deep space really is, with out virtual end. (See website, you might have to copy and paste URL as the internal link does not seem to “hold”… Honesty and truthfulness in security is imperative, and to lie about a video recoding as personally happened to me in the above text is criminal. And, that is not being rhetorical. Second example, as an Urban Legend, President Harry Truman was told in 1947 that HUMAN BODY PARTS were found all bloody and cut-up in pieces by “VAMPIRE CREATURES”  found in New Mexico’ 1947 after World War Two.  With the “Cold War” starting up with the USSR, castrated and mutilated humans caused by technologically advanced little grey beings is the most shocking and horrific idea to let loose on the World Public. Example three, in honor of this special day, to exploit this Urban Legend, APACHE NATIVE AMERICANS  within ten kilometers of the United States, State called New Mexico, the town called “DULCE: Ets’ and United States, VAMPIRE CORPORATIONS,” Example Three: Fiction. “Cautionary Tale” in honor of Ray Harryhausen who pass on May 7, 2013 and his speculation on an attack from “Off-Planet !” See the following that might even put fear in the hearts of  the “TPTB”  who think that they can do anything they want so that there is nobody powerful enough to stop them...  Psychology, and to be more specific, social-<<<and that is NOT rhetorical, by the myth and rumor, use human blood and body parts in some kind of secret Genetic Engendering Modification of all the HUMAN RACE, all minority groups and  change humanity by changing the food and weather and pollution into the strange grey creatures, without sex or gender, no emotions or compassion,  just some kind of biological robot, an android.     (See…  So there was an extremely intelligent woman scientist named Lynn Margulis who did original research in what she called the study of “SYMBIO GENESIS.” (See video at this site…=>>  With that on this First Day of April, we will end with a very poorly done video, almost as good as the false report against me, the international crime of  “WORLD GENOCIDE” BY MANY LARGE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATIONS SELLING GMO FOOD:  Dulce Underground Base Smuggled Footage..Again, you may have to “copy and paste” the URL   See… and, “*HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY !*” =>>>

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