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April 7, 2013 / adgerellis

Olympus Has Fallen: Psychological Operations Part 2

GMO, by stealth, in secret, a eugenic take over of human life and the world in the name of trans humanism.  Grief and deep sadness that biology, science and technology has been co oped for the destruction of humanity, outwardly by strange little “gray grey area of life are things,” See… by worst there may be a NAZI connection to trans humanism. Beware, you have been warned. Christian, I am not. Jew, I am not. Muslim, I am not. Theosophist, I am guilty as charged. Scientology is not the boogeyman that many people make this somewhat odd philosophy to be, except for the files and dossiers that scientology keeps on clients. Files and dossiers are supposed to be kept by the Great and Ancient Catholic Church of Rome, and certain Human Resources, or as that collection agency was once called, Personnel Office. Manipulation here and there, manipulation everywhere. Keep playing word games. Grief, and sadness, emotional depression well masked with humor and jokes, but so deeply felt by me at times I despair for humanity. Religion will not save you, as is popularly thought. There is a spiritual, esoteric, or to use a word that excites the ignorant. There is an “occult” secret religion in all the Great Monotheistic Faiths that could help humanity, but that secret Christianity, that secret Judaism, that secret Islam is not for the weak and faint hearted person. Science and technology in the year 1947 took a sinister turn. Not helping all of humanity, but a small self-appointed elite and that lead to a junta, a cabal a clique in government to break away from the natural order of life. That is, the cycle of birth, growth, maturity and ultimately death. Genetic modified Organism,  -this Blog is overwhelmed  with horror.  Are you and the people who you love, and all of Humanity safe from the foods that you eat?  Crimes of such proportions are hard for the innocent and naive to even dream, let alone participate with the criminal intent of genocide. Poisoning the world’s food supply by the big international corporations can only be thought of as “Crimes Against Humanity.” Hey ! What makes you think that you will escape food poisoning, a little insect poison in your baby’s food, a little weed poison in your milk. Add some female hormone to the milk so that boys change into girls, …18-Year-Old Boy Has Gender Changing Hormone Injections, Wants › News › Oddiverse  Oct 29, 2012 – Female hormone injections have caused changes in Ria’s body, Wearing women’s clothing followed, and the Cooper family rejected and 18-عاما بوي لديه تغيير الجنس حقن هرمون. تريد أن تكون أنثى …> أخبار> الكون الغريب 29 أكتوبر 2012، عمره 18 عاما وقد حقن هرمون الجنس تغيير،  اسم بريطانيا أصغر إعادة التعيين الجنسين المريض، والحقن بالهرمونات لمدة عام، لتتحول إلى … <ילד 18-בת ה מין שינוי זריקות הורמונים, רוצה להיות נשי …, החדשות 29 בוי  Odd Universe Oct, 2012, 18-המוזר בת יש מין שינוישם בריטניה קטנה לאפס מינו של המטופל, וזריקות הורמונים במשך שנה, לפנות ל…>  And, the girls female hormones shut down because of over load, and die young form carcinogenic poison. That is the poisons and female chemical damage the girls’ eggs and mucous lining, all well researched and proven. As an aside, look I’m not a vegetarian, beef and ham are my favorite meats to eat, but shame, shame on the beef industry for their lawsuit against …Oprah Winfrey vs. The Beef People | PBS NewsHour | Jan. 20, 1998…/fooddef_1-20.htmlJan 20, 1998 – Oprah Winfrey and representatives of the Beef industry went to trial in a case that tests the boundaries of food defamation laws passed by GMOs are not only poison, GMOs change the human body involuntarily. That is the crux of the matter, Commercial News Media in the United States should have their broadcast license yanked, >>> ” O: Marc’s Article Section 5[FN178] Originally, the public interest standard contemplated programming that the more than 9200 commercial radio stations, nearly 1100 commercial television stations,  In this regard, the Commission has pulled a linguistic fast one. ….. which broadcasters who do not serve the public interest can lose their licenses,” and given to broadcasters who can tell the truth of what is going on in the world, and stop spreading lies and disinformation. 

“Cheerleader Effect,” Genetics – The Ultimate Alien Invasion…VIP SEE=> … JOKE: Ha ! Ha !Understand the “Cheerleader Effect”..

CHAIRMAN REED E. HUNDT FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS   And it must deny license transfers if they are not in the public interest.  nothing — on the theory that it doesn’t really matter how broadcasters use the spectrum.  has not pulled a single TV license for failure to serve the public interest…. two rules that mindlessly meddled in the strictly commercial aspects of the TV business. Laws, statute have already been pasted to make the crime of murder by poison in food a federal crime. Congress and even the august Supreme Court of the United States has failed to protect the public from the international corporations. Suggestion only, but a real possibility, that coalition in a tacit way, a scholarly consensus that is clearly wrong, with big corporations has made government come to a false conclusion in regards to the safety of GMOS. GMOs are so dangerous that Genetically Modified Organisms are in danger of killing all life on Planet Earth. Mutants, and  I  loath to use this word, but under the circumstances the shocking word, making Humanity shame without men, woman and children knowing about their change into some little bald-headed, short, sexless, without genitals, without stomach or elimination of waste, except as they assimilate  “HUMAN BLOOD” or BEEF BLOOD…” Shatnez[pronunciation?] (or ShaatnezBiblical Hebrew Šaʿatnez About this sound שַׁעַטְנֵז (help·info)) is cloth containing both wool and linen (linsey-woolsey), which Jewish law, derived from the Torah, prohibits wearing. The relevant parts of the Torah (Leviticus 19:19 and Deuteronomy 22:9–11) prohibit an individual from wearing wool and linen fabrics in one garment, the interbreeding of different species of animals, and the planting together of different kinds of seeds (collectively known askilayim). =>> القوانين الغذائية Religious Dietary Laws – Translate Comparison of Islamic and Jewish dietary laws to 3…/comparison_of_islamic_and_jewish_…Comparison of Islamic and Jewish dietary laws  What is the مقارنة القوانين الغذائية الإسلامية واليهودية (Arabic) meaning  English?”   GMOs, GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISM made you, – Jew and Moslem break the dietary laws with cockroach genes and pig genes put in the food ( = גני המקק וגני החזיר לשים במזון….وضع الجينات والجينات صرصور الخنزير في الطعام !  ). AMEN ! The Great One called AMEN !




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