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April 11, 2013 / adgerellis

Olympus Has Fallen: Psychological Operations Part 3

Check this out,    onomatopoeia

Notice: Would a robot or computer really, and deeply understand, not just reproduce the sound of  “onomatopoeia?”

JOKE: “Grey-Gray,” gray gloved hand. Remove the glove and put the “Grey-Gray” hand into a bowl of blood mixed with hydrogen peroxide. Absorbed, by osmosis the thin-skinned “Gray-Grey Thing,” with no stomach, or a shriveled up and  atrophy – definition of atrophy by the Free Online Dictionary  kraurosis – atrophy and shriveling of the skin or mucous membrane … shrink, shrivel, shrivel up, wither – wither, as with a loss of moisture; “The fruit dried and …  alimentary canal absorb’s the blood for food. “Gray-Grey Thing,” or some “Gray-Grey Things” made in a laboratory from human female eggs are a kind of short-lived Biological Robot. Who made the “Gray-Grey Things?” Humans make robot that look Human, a mechanical man, or and this is a Grotesques Gothic Idea, a “Mechanical Woman.” Grotesques idea of a “Thing” that looks human, but has no real biological parts as a real biological woman would have. Biggie, the robot woman would have no real emotions, but maybe could pretend to have emotions, like a recording machine. Autobiography like this go to the remembered past for ideas of the future. Asbury Park, New Jersey in the years of 1940s and 1950s had a mannequin, or woman dummy in a store front window called the “Laughing-Lady.” Woman like mannequin, or dummy would by a machine in side the dummy bend over like bowling down and rock from side-to-side, with a phonograph recorded inside making a sound of hysterical laughter. Old 78 rpm records of laughter, called “Laughing Records” were very popular at one time. Laughter, even from a recording can be contagious and get many people hearing the recorded laughter to also start laughing. For example…-> Machines recording the sound of laughing, do not understand what the laughing sound really means, just like a “Grey-Gary Thing” if a biological robot, in that grey area-of-life can not possibly understand the true meaning of why real humans laugh. For example, and this is very important to understand the difference between a self-aware, sentient sapient beings and a “soulless” robot. See this, and think hard on the meaning…(( Also, to stress the reality of this story…(( “The soulless ‘Ones,’ know nothing of happy laughter.” Except, to copy the sound, but with no real understanding of why people laugh.

$63 Trllion dollar, or 63 hundred billion dollars…  “Deep Black Budget, “ as an estimated only, because this secret money is generally not in the budget ! See Wikipedia website…(( Why do all governments lie about “lost” money and secret budgets ? Because some “special interest” have hidden agendas that the governments do not want the people of the World Planet Earth to know about. Blogs like this do not pretend to know any government secrets, no body in Hollywood, no body on “Wall Street,” or in Washington, DC gives me any special information. Anyone can use a Public Library, Book Store, newspaper and computer to check to see if thew information on this Blog is truthful. Now why is all this suppose to be funny? “Greek Culture,” to me is borderline, out-and-out hysterically funny to me, because in my hope of reincarnation, I believe, only as a moral and theoretical assumption, that  part  of my conciseness was a live in ancient Greece. Hollywood’s idea of ancient Greece is a joke. See, “Sword and Sandal” films (, and very Homo-Erotic). See website…>>> “Beating-Around-The -Bush”  has everything to do with “Olympus Has Fallen: Psychological Operations.” Parable and metaphor, hyperbole and exaggeration, but as a myth from Hollywood, if you will watch the following motion picture and if the link will hold, there is a secret meaning in the following website, if you will “stick-with-it  !” Go to….(and please do not remove this link, unless there is a real copyright violation as I am trying to prove the truth of this post in a  non- threating allegorical way)…->>>

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