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April 15, 2013 / adgerellis

#OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN: Weird Science & Freakin Magic * PART 1

1941 current era, in that year a lot happened. Blogs like this many times stray “Off Topic.” This digression can be very informative, if the Blogger can get back “On Track.”  “1941,” the comedy  by Steven Spielberg  is one of my favorite comedy films that made me laugh so hard that I cried. Note, supposing that there are biological robots, how would their logic circuits compute the outward mixed emotions of “laughing so hard that the human began to cry?” If such manufactured biological robots could even acknowledge that mixed feeling, and emotions are able to be tabulated and computed. Especially ironic to me about the Steven Spielberg film “1941” is,  as I remember it, in my life anyway, the horror of World War Two was unknown at that time. First, in 1941 I was a baby, and didn’t know much of anything. My mother did not breast feed me as she told me later that her breast could not make enough milk. So, I was “bottle fed.” Secondly, as many asides in all my Blogs are,  for the students of Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich, and to a limited extent Carl Gustaf Jung’s understanding of personality development. “Off Topic.” Sorry…  Steven Spielberg got the social environment, and “ambiance” right for a ” middle class” kid in America for the year 1941. ( See website; copy and paste if link does not “hold”…. )  My father had just gotten out off the United States Marine Corps in 1939, and was newly married by 1941, so he  “had served his country in full” by 1941 when World War Two began. He got a good war-time job with the Ford Car Manufacture, bought a small “Cape Cod” style house that was being built on a newly developed track of land just outside the Capital city of Trenton, New Jersey. My father was originally from the small town of Hendersonville, North Carolina. He was a passive “Hill Billy Red Neck,” generally, with a few exceptions, did not show any strong emotions. The two exceptions were his vociferous hate for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his “Old Time” Evangelical Southern Baptist Faith with the apocalyptic end of the world belief. My father’s favorite music was the “Grand Ole Opry”  ( See…, and honestly the only secular song outside of church that I ever heard him sing was “Turkey in the Straw.” ( See website, copy and paste if it does not “hold… ) Mother, as she told me, met my father at a public dance  in the sea-side town named, “Asbury Park.” The same town that “Stone Pony” and Bruce Springsteen hale from. ( See website… )  My father had been stationed at the Naval Air Station, near the town of “Lakehurst,” New Jersey and; yes, my father was on the Naval Base that tragic day when the “Airship Hindenburg” exploded. That was a family legend, a story told over and over again.

1940’s war years, in “Fortress America,” was generally a land without mature men around, because the men were  in the military or “to strange” and handicapped to go out in public. There is a “back story” there about prejudge and bigotry.  The digression would lead to far from the point of this Blog, except to mention a film with a meaning that will probably escape many of the young people today, “The Boy with the Green Hair.” Look it up ! Search engine, “The Boy with the Green Hair,” (See link, or use a Search Engine…  ) if you want to know something of the social prejudice of the 1940’s.

My mother was a social and poetic romantic for most of my life, right up until the 1960’s sexual, racial and social revolution, that shocked both my parents and disillusioned them about America and their belief system. My childhood was deeply affected by my mother’s romanticism, that generally, I suppose is what she learn as a “Proper Young Woman”  in the 1920’s and 1930’s.  For as Doctor Wilhelm Reich stressed, as I understand his theory of sexual repression, both religion and romanticism are psychologically nothing more at their core as “Frustrated Sexual Desire.” Oh, the “Romanic Poets” read to me by my mother had a very great influence on me as a young boy. As John Keats wrote, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty, -that is all Ye know on earth, and all Ye need to know.”  ( See more, read on poet, with sad melancholy eyes, …read on,  Christianity, and the military industrial complex in their own ways worked for “God and Country” against the enemies of “Mom, flag and apple pie.” No ! I do not mock. (Well, maybe a little. Just the use of loose metaphor to think of the industrial might of the United States protecting motherhood, apple pie, the baking industry and the cloth flag. Those are symbols, but for social justice the “Bill of Rights,” and  Civil Rights are better symbols to fight and die for. Now get this, blood on the ground, the United States Supreme Court’s deception in the case of “CITIZENS UNITED, v. FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION,”  Opinion by Justice Stevens January 21, 2010. No ! Corporations are not people. Sorry, and I mean grief-stricken, for this bad decision by the United States Supreme Court  that “corporations are people,” you will see that most of the  “free world” will see that decision as not only bad business practice, but logically inconsistent with consensus reality in world trade and finance. As foolish as this Blog is, I will go for allegory and “Cautionary Tales” for my argument.  So, please do not remove the following link, as there is no intention to violate copyright.  This is only an example  for “Artistic Critique.” If this Blog’s followers will think hard on ancient myth of  “GREEK CULTURE,” that,  for the most part was the spiritual enemy of Christianity’s theology and Social Hypocrisy ( *”WSFM”, courtesy of Dr, Steven M. Greer.)  See website, “copy and paste” if link does not “hold”…

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