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April 20, 2013 / adgerellis

#OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN: Weird Science & Freakin Magic * PART 2

“TRUTH IS THE ANTIDOTE TO LIES.” Disinformation, dissembling, and manipulation of facts, even with good intention as is well-known by religious scholars, called the “PIOUS LIE,” will lead to a Dumm and ignorant public. Panic and fear are caused by ignorance. Psychology, sociology and anthropology has a large research literature that should prove to most reasonable people that government and big business corporations that lie will damage commercial business and corporate profit in the long run over time. ( “*WSFM”, courtesy of Dr, Steven M. Greer.) Systemic lies by government and big business will damage “Public Confidence” in the political system, and get this, officially sanctioned lies will corrode public morality.  NWO*, (=New World Order), lets say, for a fictitious example, can lies about new technology, and deliberately making problems to merge Mexico and Canada into one big North American Union to take in all of  the North American Continent. But, do the Mexicans and Canadian people want to give up their country’s sovereignty to create such an entity? And, where would the Capital City be located if there was such a thing as The North American Union? Blogs like this have pointed out more than once, that this present generation is not the first, or the last people to see foolish and horrible violence. Posted in the Blog before this one, my father, a self-declared Christian was at Lakehurst, New Jersey in the year 1937 when the Airship Hindenburg exploded. The film of the Airship exploding is so iconic and a symbol of violence that I am reluctant to post the video, but to pound on a “dead horse to see if it is alive” we will exchange one cliché for a visual metaphor  (“A cliché or cliche (UK /ˈklʃ/ or US /klɪˈʃ/) is an expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has become overused to the point of losing its original meaning, or effect, and even, to the point of being trite or irritating, especially when at some earlier time it was considered meaningful or novel.[1]” from Wikipedia); if you have never seen the Airship explode, go to this website…  Now, CGI and “Special Effects” are so convincing that even if there was a second Orson Wells reenactment in public of “THE WAR OF THE WORLDS” many people would not believe that the invasion was “real.”  L-O-L, “REAL”  -?!  “The internet is full of  “false reality,” so I offer this image first as an example of what a “modern” airship might look like, and secondly, maybe a “special effect” of a strange new type of airship. See this website… American industrial and American international corporations like to brag about technology and science. (アメリカの産業およびアメリカ国際企業が技術や科学について自慢するのが好きです.  しかし、アメリカ人の天狗がかかったらどうするか、遠く離れていくつかの他の場所からいくつかの新しい技術と科学を盗む?// ->미국의 산업과 미국의 국제 기업은 기술과 과학에 대해 자랑하고 싶다.  그러나 미국 법인 자랑하는이 걸렸 어떤 경우, 또는 멀리 떨어진 곳에서 자신의 과학 기술을 훔쳐? // Amerikan teollisuuden ja Amerikan kansainväliset yritykset haluavat kehuskella teknologian ja tieteen. Kuitenkin suuri kansainvälinen amerikkalainen yhtiö kehuskella tieteen ja teknologian, että American yritykset ovat ryhtyneet tai varastaa paikassa kaukana.   Amerykańska przemysłowe i korporacje amerykańskie międzynarodowe lubią chwalić się, technologii i nauki.  American big international corporation maybe took and stealing science and technology from a place far away. Amerykańska wielkie korporacje międzynarodowe może wziął i kradzież nauki i technologii z miejsca daleko.  Amerikai ipari és az amerikai nemzetközi vállalatok szeretnek dicsekedni a technológia és a tudomány.  Azonban, talán az amerikai nagy nemzetközi vállalat vett és lopás technolohy és a tudomány néhány helyen messze van? //->=>بعدصنعتی آمریکا و شرکت های بین المللی آمریکا می خواهم به لافبعد مکان دور در مورد فن آوری و علم  با این حال، شرکت های بزرگ بین المللی آمریکا شاید و سرقت علم و فن آوری از برخی  (NWO*= Tacit agreement between international Banking and big corporations.)

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